Dear Mr. President

I don’t care with whom you play golf. I’d much rather you suck up and do the job to which you were elected.

No, you really don’t get to have fun – especially when fun is a sorry photo op.

Would you mind getting back to work until stuff like health care and Afghanistan are ironed out? Were you on the freakin’ course when you got word of the bombings in Iraq?

Sometimes I am so embarrassed you are the President of the United States. Please. At least try to work on our behalf. Your obsession with the Press is getting rather old. I predict little weekend stories like this one will be biting your khaki-clad backside soon.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Did you have a bad weekend, Cindy?

  2. Actually, it was pretty nice. Trip to Chicago; got stuff done in the yard. Why do you ask, little one?

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend was had by all! I was busy clearing brush on my ranch for the 3rd consecutive weekend this month.

    Anyhow, never mind about the previous question.


  4. J. Strupp says:

    Took the words right out of my mouth Lorax.

  5. Come on guys. This president is quick to tell us we’re in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and call a national emergency for a flu pandemic, but he’s on the golf course?

    Right. Like he realllly cares.

  6. Maybe it’s just the worst crisis since the prior crisis? Rightly or wrongly Bush was heavily criticized for his vacations to his ranch in Texas. BO should be eligible for the the same treatment.

  7. The Lorax says:

    And during Hurricane Katrina, Bush was celebrating a birthday with John McCain. You might have seen the pictures. On 9/11, Bush was attempting to read a storybook to elementary-aged kids in Florida.

    And at the end of his presidency, he spent more time on vacation than any president before him — around a year of his presidency.

    I know that you’ll claim that all us on the left can do is go back to Bush and continuing ripping on him. Usually, i’m only pointing out the contrast in treatment you’ve given each.

    President Obama hasn’t even been back to his Chicago home once, from what I understand.

    Sure, he shouldn’t be golfing during an economic crisis, but it’s kind of par for the course.

  8. Lorax, problem with your argument is that both Bush SNAFUs occured during unsuspected events. President Obama has personally recognized the peril in both the economy AND in Afghanistan, but continues to drag his feet.

  9. J. Strupp says:

    When this guy decides to go back to Chicago every weekend to play golf and/or de-brush, I’ll worry about it. Until then, if he wants to go back home and catch 18 on a weekend afternoon, whatever. Have a few cocktails while you’re at it.

    Catagory 5 hurricanes off the Gulf coast are not unsuspected events usually.

    Katrina occured on a Sunday, New Orleans flooded on Monday, Bush came back to work from his 1 month vacation on Wednesday. Cheney came back from his undisclosed location in Wyoming on Thursday.

    If we are talking about embarrassment, I would begin there.

  10. No worries there. Obama would much rather hop a plane to Copenhagen than head home to Chicago.

  11. Think about how stressful the position is. You’re the most powerful man in the world. One wrong move could send humanity into a complete meltdown. Imagine how stressed out Obama is with everything that’s going on. Healthcare. The economy. 300 million people are depending on one man to fix our country. Maybe he needs a break once in a while – if he’s taking vacation too much, then I’ll start worrying, but we shouldn’t be freaking out over his first time.