Up, but not running. Is it even our Jeff Speaker? I suppose time will tell, but that is a political template. Site is hosted by Domain is registered by proxy.


  1. Everyone hosts their sites with GoDaddy, yet don’t they know they’re being scammed out of their money? How do you think they can afford those sexy Danica Patrick commercials?

  2. Well, Anthony, this site is at GoDaddy as well. They’re cheap. Their tech support only sucks a little. I’ve been looking around, but haven’t really found another alternative. Even though they slow down sometimes, they are still up.

    The last place who hosted me had some (computer stalker with City of Brookfield ties) jerk throw denial of service attacks to my site until they yelled uncle. GoDaddy can handle that stuff better.

  3. I’m always one for supporting small companies, so that’s why I feel the way I do about GoDaddy. Plus, one of my current web design clients was ripped off by them, learning he could get hosting for a lot cheaper from another company.

    Plus, GoDaddy really doesn’t give you many features for those who are really techy and know how to handle servers.