Elmbrook’s graduation rip-off

I just wrote a check for $64.04 to Jostens for 1 cap, 1 gown, and 1 tassel. $9.00 of that was “shipping and handling” where said items will be plopped at the office at Brookfield East.

Tell me, Elmbrook. Who’s picking up the kickback for that kind of deal? When I called the office just now the coordinator DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THE COST of a cap, gown, and tassel. She said she doesn’t worry about that kind of thing.

(I do have a gown in the closet from sons 1 and 2 – but they are over six feet tall. Still I’ll be throwing it over the youngest to see if it will do.)

Regardless, it appears I’ll still be paying $9.00 “shipping and handling” on the tassel even if that’s all I buy.

Make no mistake Elmbrook taxpayers. Not one administrator really cares how your money is spent.

Not one.

Update – 9:00 a.m. – Called DIL’s mom – will be borrowing DIL’s gown she and her sister shared. Will use one of the caps we have around, too. Finding good sources for the tassel at about $10 total.

Elmbrook this is war. I may even start a business out of the experience. Can you imagine how many of those stupid gowns are hanging in Brookfield closets? If I bought them all at $10 and rented them for $10 a year, they’d probably last on average for five years…

Problem solved. I called the rep, and for less than $10 I can buy a tassel when they are at the school tomorrow. No shipping and handling. I’m much happier.

Of course, there are still all those others spending the money because they don’t know of the $10 option. Oh well.


October 27th.

The youngest picked up her tassel today. Yes, the tassel was $8, but the little dangling charm was another $9. Add the tax and it’s almost $18. The Josten’s rep didn’t exactly tell the truth. So what’s new?

Still, it’s over. How sad Elmbrook will allow such a miserable vendor interfere with the pleasure of graduating from the district.


  1. Glad I got some use out of it. I think I still have my NHS, Honors, and Regular Tassel if you are still looking. Let me know, I will see if I can dig them up.

  2. Well at least we’re keeping it all in the family. 😉

  3. Wilson828 says:

    What are you doing? You trying to ruin the economy?

    All the cottage industries that are supported by one silly venture such as the tassel. The post office which is in dire straits will be making huge loot and now you’ll single handedly probably impact closing at least one local post office location with this action of yours! Gasp!

    Flat tax rates would work that way too. What will become of all the tax accountants, the tax attorneys, the paper mills who print the forms, the post office making money off us mailing the forms, Quicken… even Quicken who makes TurboTax.. OMG!!!! We’ll be putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work if we did things that made sense.

    And here you all thought it was complicated didn’t you …. smile… it’s not that complicated. It’s economics.

  4. Oh, I get it. But as long as I was winning, I’d not really be concerned about the losers. Ah, America.

  5. Jostens, overall, is a really expensive company. Their class ring prices aren’t bad though. But their yearbook prices are outrageous!

    I had no relatives that went to East, so in two years, I’ll have to buy one. Unless I want to use my cousin’s really short green one!

  6. Grow a bit and I’ll have one in the closet that fits you.

  7. The Lorax says:

    I’ll be keeping my own graduation robe until the Harry Potter movies are done. I gotta look nice, you know.

  8. That’s funny. The spouse and I went as Harry Potter and Hermoine for a costume party a few years ago. He does look a lot like an aging Harry.

  9. Thanks for this post. As a result of seeing it I called Jostens and since I only need the tassel too I was also told I could pick it up at school in the spring.

  10. Yippee! I still have a tall gown in my closet if anyone needs it.