Lawton done her wrong: Is a scorned gal pal the reason she dropped the race?

You’ve got to listen to this! Jerry Bader’s tell-all is not to be missed.

H/T: No Runny Eggs via Lake Shore Laments.

UPDATE – Bader retracted his statement.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Elected officials’ ignorance, of how their personal lives will play out/affect their professional lives, continues to amaze me.

  2. Yep. Lucky me. What they couldn’t find, they made up! I suppose there’s a chance that’s happening here.

  3. Jason Holder says:

    I do think public officials need to be careful about how their personal lives may affect the image the public has about them. However, the length at which their opponents will often go to to dig up the smallest, most irrelevant details of their personal lives, which should be allowed some privacy from the public, will never cease to amaze me. Did so and so smoke a joint ten years ago? Perhaps…..but does that really mean they aren’t the most qualified candidate to lead? I would hope not.

  4. Well for the record, I’m terribly allergic to the stuff. Couldn’t even date anyone who used it. Warned the kids I’d always be able to tell. So far, so good.

    Still think we should legalize it and tax the heck out of it, though.

  5. Jason Holder says:

    Amen!!! The Netherlands has done well for itself by doing just that.

  6. My post didn’t mean to implicate you 🙂 I am talking about blatant, public missteps. Sure, this might be made up, but c’mon, in an age when state/federal level officials are scrutinized for the amout of sugar they put on cereal (ok, not really), you’d think she’d realize an open (not to mention potentially same sex relationships) marriage couldn’t possibly be kept under wraps.

  7. Don’t get me wrong. Public highs should be handled just like public drunkenness, but does this government have any idea how much we have growing in the states already? They need to get control of the situation. Right now all they do is pretend it’s not a problem.

  8. “Under wraps.”

    Bdad, you rock sometimes. Funny guy.