An update on today’s health care news

I’m not doing links – it’s all public knowledge and can be found somewhere, but I’m tired, so you’ll have to trust me. 😉

Senator Harry Reid, the go-to guy in the Senate, has brazenly come forward on a public-option plan. He’s calling it an opt out plan. He’s landing on his bum, much like he did with that Medicare fix last week.

Democrats and Independents are making it clear they won’t be supporting Reid’s plan.

What I don’t get is why Reid is taking this approach. I could have predicted this, so I’m sure a savvy player like Reid would know it would happen as well. Why did he push forward like this?

One guess is pressure from the White House. Though President Obama is prancing around the country like he doesn’t care, I’m thinking the administration cares very much whether or not the President lands on his backside with this issue he put front and center.

What are we not hearing? All that business about “reconciliation.” (Oops. A link. Oh well, it happens to the best of us.)

Also no longer out there? Anything on the subject from the President.

It’s weird out there. And still worth watching.