Berg suckers BrookfieldNOW again

The paper is at it again with bad details from Alderman Scott Berg driving a fake controversy. This time it’s whether part-time city employees should have access to the city’s health care plan.

Keep in mind when you read this drivel, NO PART-TIME EMPLOYEES CURRENTLY HAVE ACCESS TO THE CITY’S HEALTH CARE PLAN. Elected officials, sometimes considered part-time employees, do have access. Berg’s up to his old tricks.

(It’s Berg’s greatest ambition in life to bar the one alderman currently using the plan. Funny, for 14 years another alderman was signed on to it and Berg had no problem then. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s personal with Berg. He’s really weird about taking out those he perceives as his enemies, and with his paranoia, it’s a long list.)

Alderman Scott Berg is the one who took this idea to committee. He’ll attempt to blame it on someone else, but the paperwork trail is pretty clear. No one would have pursued it if Berg had not. This idea is Berg’s alone.

You’d think this reporter would figure out he’s being used and walk away from Berg’s hand feedings.

Did you dig the headline?

Allowing part-timers to take part in city’s health insurance presents risk, officials says (sic)

Don’t you no never mind. We’s be done with this here problem soons enough.



    what were they thinking when promoting him to finance committee chairman , and who did that ?

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    Am I missing something, it only looks like this finally made it through committee and BNow reported on that. Doesn’t look like a new interview with Berg. Then again, I am known to be wrong 🙂

  3. Who knows. There’s a “Berg said” at the bottom the the story, so I took it as a new push.

    That’s kind of the interesting thing, though. It really didn’t “make it through the committee” because the committee motion was to change NOTHING. So they’re taking a motion to do nothing to the council floor? That’s Brookfield for you!

  4. Dick, the promotion is courtesy of Common Council President Mark Nelson. He dumped Jim Garvens to do so.

  5. Wilson828 says:

    When is Berg up for re-election? Is there any competition?

  6. Berg is up again in April 2012. Yes, I think his competition should be BrkfldDad. But honestly, no one really cares, so I doubt he’ll have competition.

  7. BrkfldDad says:

    Nah, I am going to run for Governor now that Barbie is out… too bad I am a Republican 🙂

  8. BrkfldDad says:

    … and I have zero political aspirations 🙁

  9. Yes, well, if Brookfield lands in hell at Berg’s prodding, I’m blaming you, dude.

  10. BrkfldDad says:

    I’ll owe you a pint.

  11. That’s right. Play to my weakness. I suppose you think it will get you somewhere. 😉

  12. Wilson828 says:

    The thing is that the obnoxious people have endless energy and determination. Normal people have busy balanced lives and cannot commit to local office elections 100% of their lives.

    With that said – it’s amazing isn’t it? I mean that ours is the best government in the world? And that it works? Amazing.

  13. Wilson–although the obnoxious people do get into these elected positions, be aware that there are also “normal” people with busy balanced lives that squeeze in time to represent the rest of us. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t always present a balanced report. I see some local elected officials that manage to find endless energy and determination beyond their 100%. They just don’t get the press like some others.

  14. Wilson828 says:

    Amazed – you are exactly right. I come from a perspective of being a past elected official. I know of what i speak .. and what you’ve said is true. It used to drive me crazy that the newspapers would quote the goof balls all the time without balance of the other side of the story. That and they would edit what was said and give the whole thing a different slant. I used to think, holy cow, was I at the same meeting?

  15. That’s a good point, Amazed. If the press were really acting in a trained capacity, they’d reach out to the rest of the council for opinions on issues instead of using Berg as their only source all the time. The problem is, they’ve damaged their reputation for reporting so much no one wants to talk to them.

  16. Wilson – cows on the brain this morning?