Brookfield’s very own owl.

It’s up folks. Won’t be long now.




    Laws used to be passed in the interests of the community morals.

  2. Jason Holder says:

    We had one here in Madison on the west side for a while. People didn’t want it, so they just ignored it and stopped eating there. It closed a few months back. I’m sure the same will happen for Brookfield. If no one wants it, just don’t support it and eventually it will fade into oblivion.

  3. A Hooters in Brookfield is just showing how big of a city it really is, and it’s really just a small Milwaukee.

    But really, Jason is right. Who knows what will happen? It might be packed to the brim on the first night, and then be empty a week later.

  4. Wise advice, Jason.

  5. Jason Holder says:

    Yeah, they just opened another one here too on the east side of the city. I doubt this one will last either. They must be going through a building surge right now. I think making laws against them might be a little steep, but just ignore and they will eventually go away.

  6. Wilson828 says:

    Wow .. we’re talking about it going out of biz before it starts?


  7. Wilson828 – yes, we are considering that possibility.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    Help me out here. Your objections are ? Is it the outfits the girls wear ? Are your objections based on perception or reality ? Is it the exploitation of the waitresses who will be making $90-$200 a day? Is it the food ? How is the restaurant immoral ?

    There is no place more conservative than Richmond and we have 3 Hooters. I can name many establishments where there has been trouble of varying degrees but am aware of none at a Hooters. I agree with Jason–if it isn’t your cup of tea don’t eat there or allow your spouse to eat there either. However, I would be surprised if it does not succeed.
    And the Hooters in Madison was a corporate ownership that was closed (after 14 years) knowing that a new one would be opened on the east side.

  9. Never had the food, but I get constant hits for their cheesy tater tots recipe.

    I’m being blunt, but we have been through this before… It’s tits and ass Randy. Though you wouldn’t know it to look at me now, I spent a lot of years living in a world that valued my tits and ass over my brain. It sucked. (And more than one shrink might suggest it’s why I’m so heavy now!) I’m not inclined to honor a local establishment where such values are placed in priority.

    Clear enough?

  10. Jason Holder says:

    And Randy, although the Madison restaurant did close with the intention of opening on the east side of town, it closed on the west side because no one went there. We simply ignored it and it disappeared.

    And with Richmond being as conservative as you mentioned, it surprises me that there are three Hooters there. With “family values” being such a strong conservative calling card, how does this chain support those morals?

  11. Dang Cindy. Don’t know that Ive ever read such an emotional tits and ass story!

  12. For a flamboyant vegetarian, Hooters just doesn’t cut it.

  13. Lorax, I think they serve celery sticks there.

  14. No thanks, I prefer to seek out my carnal desires in private. In my life, food and sex have never mixed. I don’t plan on it in the near future.

  15. The Lorax says:

    Randy: Waukesha County is one of the most conservative counties in the entire nation. I was going to compare Cook PVI data, but it looks like Richmond sits between two CD’s–the 7th and 3rd. And it’s not an apples to apples comparison.

  16. Did you know Hooters once had its own airline?

    Guess who the flight attendants were?

  17. Wilson828 says:

    Randy – you had to ask. If you search this blog you’ll see we’ve discussed Hooter’s before. It’s a sore spot. The conversation has gone everywhere from denigration of the community, to prostitution to crime. Even traffic for this strip mall was discussed. I’m sorta like you are about it – not a big deal and pretty young girls in scantily clad clothing serving me food and drink that isn’t good for me, makes me happy. But I don’t think we’ll change her mind. And to be really honest? I don’t have this on my calendar to be there opening day. I may go or I may not ever. I really don’t care. It’s a non issue to me.

    And Anthony, the Hooters Airline used trained, normal looking and normal attired flight attendants on their airline. They didn’t succeed because of the competitive market and fuel costs, etc. The airline industry is one of those – ‘they can’t find their ass with either hand’ industries. No surprise it folded with the rest of the other failed startups.

  18. I love this topic! Tits and ass-OMG. Exploitation of women-yikes! Didn’t realize that a gun was being held to their heads to get them to work there. None of them mind or they would have gotten a job at the Olive Garden. When I was a cocktail waitress to get through school, you better believe I wore a short skirt and fishnet stockings-twice the tips 🙂 So tell me why I don’t hear anything about the short skirts the Poms wear in HS-oh, yeah, that’s a sport. I remember the girls shaking it down the hallways-if you’ve got it…..

  19. Wilson828 says:

    (looking at Julie… )… holy cow…. !

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    I suspect saying Richmond was wrong on my part. None of the restaurants are actually in the city limits but the outlying counties. If just the city is considered, and not the metro area, it is typical of many cities and consists of mostly minority residents. The three counties that surround the city are by far conservative and that’s where I live. The actual city will always vote Democratic.
    Somehow I have gotten myself in the position of defending Hooters. I know here there are numerous charity events supported by Hooters that raise money for autism, the local Children’s Hospital, Cancer, etc. This past weekend I was on the road and a group of 8 of us went out to eat–at a Hooters–and I was the only guy in the bunch. It’s all in the perception. I like their wings and if Shoney’s sold them I would buy them there.

  21. I’m not planning to visit the Brookfield Hooters, but I hope it lasts long enough to give that strip mall(oops, Freudian slip) a boost. It is really struggling, so maybe Hooters will draw attention and shoppers to some very nice shops. I know its not the same clientele, but that sign might catch someone’s eye and they’ll notice what is beyond the owl in the rest of the mall.

  22. Holy Cow indeed.

    The subject was not about the girls working there Julie. It was about why I wouldn’t be supporting the restaurant.

    You are welcome to flaunt your t & a in any way you see fit.

  23. M.E. Lou hightailed it out of there recently because of the anticipated new clientèle. Perhaps the owners can lease the empty spot to some firm promoting male enhancement products. 😉

  24. Did M.E.Lou leave because of Hooters or because traffic was very slow? Or did they see a more common clientele at the Galleria location? At any rate, I hope the remaining shops get a boost.

  25. So apparently not everyone loves T&A. That makes me sad.

  26. I have it from a very good source they left because of Hooters. Their lease was up, so it was good timing.

  27. Hooters = TJ Maxx

  28. Randy in Richmond says:

    We are together on this issue. Please keep me abreast of any changes.

  29. I never thought I’d see a homely Hooters. If nothing else that store is guilty of ugly architecture.

    Little known fact–Hooters has food to go. Any idea why?

  30. It’s not finished yet, but seems to be getting worse. Brown trim was added today.

  31. Okay … this deserves an entry before the site closes.

    A friend and I ventured to the new Hooters this evening for dinner.

    Uh …. well….. I won’t be going back.

    The girls were young and okay. Our waitress was really a knockout. I’m old. I worked hard at acting my age and not being a pig… my eyes never left her eyes. I had to ogle without getting caught.

    The place was full of young twenty something men. Some older couples my age were there … the spouse was along to legitimize the visit.

    The food sucked. It’s a poor mans Applebee’s. I’m sorry – but it is. I had a clam chowder soup which was too creamy – it was not a chef’s prepared soup – it was from a can or worse. I had a cobb salad – really wasn’t a cobb salad. I don’t think they even washed the lettuce. Dressing was in self contained little containers you pealed open. The beer was good. My friends french fries looked like they were under cooked. His ham and cheese sandwich looked okay – but then a microwave will make any stale bread taste good and melted cheese always looks good too.

    I’m just so disappointed.

    The food pretty much sucked. The girls were young enough to be my daughter and weren’t particularly pretty. Although I did think our waitress was a knock out.

    The place was mobbed for a Wed evening.

    So …

    Well .. I’m sorry! It sucked!!! I mean …the food wasn’t any good.

    And thus concludes my Hooters report on this Wed December 16, 2009.

  32. Well I ate at Applebee’s last night (2 for $20) and thought it was pretty awful, so it must have been bad!

    I’m not much for restaurants, but sometimes I do it to get the youngest’s full attention. It worked.

  33. Well, that might kill my expected first venture out there for a meal next week! Actually, have always found that the food was sub-par, even the wings. That’s why I usually stick to beer and the steamed shrimp (it’s hard to ruin that), but even then the dipping sauces are in the same foil lidded cups.

  34. So you go for the ????

  35. Just thought I’d let you know, before the blog closes, that Hooters started in the town I grew up in.

  36. I see this place as a revenue generating venue for the City of Brookfield. Look at the observation about the clientele and the food. The demographic and the attraction of cute girls and alcohol, will mean a good place for the coppers to watch for DUI’s. Bluemound is a hot spot for that and this just adds to the stew.