First morning thought on the health care debate

If Congress and Obama are SO sure we need sweeping changes to the health care insurance laws before the end of this year, why do those changes take place AFTER the next presidential election, or over three years from now?

Just asking.


  1. My top 4 reasons …

    4. Good things are worth waiting for.

    3. We could still be waiting for swine flu vaccine shipments and really need to wait until the swine flu pandemic is over before turning our full attention to implementing state controlled healthcare.

    2. It will take a couple years for insurance companies to “voluntarily” go out of business which will eliminate distractions and allow the full efficiencies and compassionate bureaucrats of the government to be in place at implementation.

    1. We want to get re-elected, know state controlled healthcare will not be as advertised, and don’t want to deal with the consequences prior to the election.

  2. <<>>

    Ding Ding Ding!!!

  3. That was supposed to refernce #1 above (consequnces prior to election)

  4. I have such clever readers.

  5. The Lorax says:

    You rang, Cindy?