Post-Lawton CYA

Like I said in the comments, “What they couldn’t find, they made up! I suppose there’s a chance that’s happening here.”

Jerry Bader is retracting the reporting he did yesterday.

So in answer to that question? We’ll never know for sure. That’s the worst. Half of you still think I’m bipolar. I know for sure I’m not, but I can’t prove it to you in a way that will satisfy that half. Barbara Lawton knows one way or another about her situation, but she’s not going to be able to prove it either. Sadly, half the world will think it’s true about her as well. The fact that it was said was enough to ruin things for a long time.

My lesson? I need to stand in the corner. I trusted a “legitimate” news source in a radio station and got whapped.

I think that serves me right. My apologies to Barbara Lawton. I knew better and did it anyway. Shame on me.


  1. If you trusted Bader as a primary source then shame on you.

  2. I’d never heard of him before! Still, my bad for even running it.


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