Berg wants ordinance off the table

Next Tuesday’s Common Council meeting holds this item on the agenda:

15. Tabled Ordinance amending 2.24.050 of the Municipal Code relating to Medical Coverage for elected officials (part-time elected official access to health and dental insurance benefits).

Yes, by now you all know 5th district City of Brookfield Alderman Scott Berg has a personal vendetta against the only member of the Common Council to use the plan currently available to be PURCHASED by aldermen. It’s Berg’s own special purpose to right the ship on a policy that’s been around for a very long time. Other aldermen have taken advantage of the option while Berg has held office, but suddenly the whole idea is so egregious that it has to stop now!


Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Berg gets the votes to bring the thing back to discussion. Even more interesting will be if the City Attorney incorrectly allows debate on whether or not to retrieve the item. Debate on this motion is not allowed under the guide of Roberts Rules of Order. (5th district Alderman Gary Mahkorn ALWAYS has a tough time with that little detail.) I’ll be watching. I’m thinking Berg will have a hard time finding a majority to even discuss his issue again, but hey, I’ve been wrong before. When I saw the headcount from the last vote, it appeared only Legislative and Licensing committee members backed the idea since it had come out of committee.

If any of you voting folks are asking “what would Cindy do?” I’d vote no on the motion to take off the table. (Oh, yes, there was a great deal of humor intended in that statement. 😉 )

We’ll have to wait until Tuesday night to see what happens.