Ok Russ Feingold. You’re back on the naughty list.

What kind of fool would want Wisconsin’s miserable history of same-day voter registration to go nationwide?

Russ Feingold, that’s who.

His press release swears the plan would

help increase voter turnout and voters would not have to worry about sitting an election out because they missed a registration deadline.

No, it increases voter fraud. If you really want to vote, make the effort to hit a deadline, folks.

I’ll never forget the news that Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker registered his adult daughter to vote in his district for the 2006 mayoral primary. Her permanent address has always been Menomonee Falls. Since the registrar had no legal need to check her drivers license, the only way she’d qualify is if someone would vouch for her. That led to one vote in the can for the Mayor based on fraud.

Repeat that story a few thousand times and you swing a national election.

Mr. Feingold, don’t you have anything better to deal with right now?


  1. This increases “voter turnout” for voters who have no idea of the consequenses of their vote. How do you check eligibility with same day registration? This is another way for illegal aliens to vote. Mr. Feingold should worry about protecting voter integrity. He should promote photo I.D. if he wants to protect our right to vote. This screams ACORN!