The best teacher ever

I’m off to have lunch with my favorite teacher ever, Sue Smith. It was 5th grade. Obviously, she made a big impression.

I’ll write more later, and I hope to have pictures, but until then, think about your best teacher ever. Are you lucky enough to be in touch? Have you told them?


  1. My best teacher was Mrs. Redemen (sp?) from Brookfield East. She is the reason I did well in college. I saw so many other students at Madison struggling to write essays and papers, and knew that I was lucky to have received the education I did in her class. I have had many fellow BEHS graduates say the same.
    A close second would be Ms. Power at Hillside. 2 out of my 3 have had her, and I am praying she doesn’t retire before the last one is old enough to be in her class. She is a hidden gem in this district. She knows what works with kids, and she just does it. Plain and simple. That is a rare commodity today, when teachers are apt to go off and try the latest thing. When friends find out their children have Ms. Power, I tell them they have just won the lottery!

  2. Mr. Ptaczek at BEHS. Hands down.

    Passionate about history, didn’t take crap from his students – EVER. I remember one time the class average on a test was around 70%, the next day he shut the door to the room and just screamed at us for a half hour. Im pretty sure no one bombed the next one.

    Another one of his more B.A. moments was when he was fed up with the school’s lax attendance policy – he screenprinted his own t-shirt that he wore to class that said:

    “Brookfield East Country Club: Don’t mind me, Im just playing through.”

  3. Unfortunately, none of those teachers teach at East anymore.

    I have to say my best teacher was good old Mr. Kroening at PPMS, who retired last year. He really showed me that Social Studies could be fun, and that there’s always an alternate and fun way to learn just about anything. He actually became a personal friend of mine.

    For BEHS, Ms. Bustle is pretty awesome. I always enjoyed having her for English 9.

  4. Anthony, you haven’t been looking too hard.

    Coffey, Bustle, Ortman, Hot, Graham are great remaining teachers at East that I had.

    I was lucky enough to have all of them. But maybe the most important was Mrs. Friese in elementary school, the school librarian. And when no one else believed in me, she did. Thanks Mrs. F!

  5. Back off Lorax! He’s probably not had them yet.

    Heck, I’d go back to high school if Coffey, Bustle and Ortman would let me in their classrooms. Do you have any idea how stupid I felt around the kitchen table when the kids would rattle off Coffey knowledge? I’d move Bustle in, I like her that much. Ortman would be a challenge, though, as I’d have to sharpen my wit to manage all of those puns. (Come to think of it, I should probably blame Ortman for the oldest’s punny problem.)

    I’m not quite as familiar with the other two, but will take your word for it.

  6. Santa's Elf says:

    Hands down, Honey Blonde Schneiderman!

    It is difficult to believe that one scholar could impart as much theory, technique and procedural philosophy on such a highly charged topic as did she in her sixth grade sex ed. tutorial conducted between the maintenance sheds during recess and lunch hours. Her sensitivity, acumen and natural proclivity for the subject matter made learning a compelling, all embracing activity for mind, body and soul.

    Kudos Honey Blonde!

  7. I have had only Bustle and none of the others. I have had Statza, Peske, Bustle, DeGarza, Gutierrez, Malett, Crandall, Zeidler, Leupold, Barber and most likely a few others.

  8. The Lorax says:

    Do you take AP and honors classes? Those are all bum teachers.