A New Beginning

There was a death today that many will deny happened and many will not be attending the funeral. But those that are realistic and true to themselves will, whether they want to or not, admit that the life of the Bush bashing, Bush did it, it’s Bush’s fault, blame Bush, etc. is dead and will no longer be the platform of the Democratic Party. Thanks to John Corzine and Creigh Deeds, who each adhered to the Bash-Bush policy as an integral part of their platforms and campaigns, the lesson has been learned that that policy no longer resonates with independant voters.

In the coming days Democrats, pundits, and those on the left will pooh-paw today’s elections and tell us how they have little or no meaning. As usual they will think we, the American people, are too stupid to really understand that today’s vote has many meanings–none of which are good for Democrats. Who would have thought just one year ago that Republicans would not just win, but win big, in all three of the statewide elections in Virginia as Obama carried 58% of the state. You won’t read or hear this in the national news but a big part of the Republican wins here are the result of the dismal past four years of Democratic Governor Tim Kaine’s leadership. The same can be said for New Jersey.

Today also highlites why President Obama wanted to pass his public healthcare bill by August. If you don’t think today’s vote won’t further energize those opposed to his and Congress’s healthcare bill, you just aren’t paying attention. But the BIG message is the one being sent to members of Congress, especially those that rode the anti-Bush vote to become elected. Their hook is gone.They will now think long and hard about supporting much of Obama’s social agenda if they want to get re-elected in just one short year.

For us conservatives it’s a new beginning. There’s much left to be done. Those of you on the left can and will downplay today’s results but the one constant in all this is–Barack Obama.


  1. We can agree on one thing… I don’t like Tim Kaine. I want Howard Dean back!

  2. Earth to Lorax: the President acts as the party chair when elected. You’re dissin’ the wrong dude.

  3. Don’t blame me, I voted for Nader.

  4. I’m amazed how Dems are clamoring to label NY23 a referendum on conservatives! Silly goofs. Let them put their blinders on. They’ll be easier to lead astray in a year.

  5. Why is that amazing? Randy just clamored above that some other election was a referendum on liberal policy. Isn’t this how it works?

  6. The referendum J Strupp, was on the control of the Republican party, not on conservatives. That went very well even though a Democrat won. Next time R leadership won’t be so quick to trumpet a candidate without proper vetting. (At least I hope.)

  7. J. Strupp says:


    So who, after seeing the outcome of this election, would you say is now in control of the Republican Party?

    Or I guess maybe a better question is what changed in the Republican Party from prior to these small elections?

  8. I’m not saying there’s new control, I’m saying the R vs I that was part of this race was about control.

    What changed? Confidence in the way things have always been done.

  9. J. Strupp says:

    So is the idea that the Republican Party is seeking to purge itself of moderates or R.I.N.O.’s or whatever people want to call them on a national level?

  10. No, that’s not what I see. I’d say the people of the Republican Party are seeking to have rights as the people and not to assign those rights to self-labeled leadership.

    I’ve been thinking, and I’d bet that district went Democrat a while ago. The Republican was willing to run on those Dem values to get elected; the leadership was willing to front her to keep an R on the elected list. However, the Republicans in the area didn’t like the hypocrisy, so they put forward a different candidate. Perhaps everyone was aware of the potential outcome, but willing to live with the consequences.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    Something about the statement that the 23rd District had been Republican since the War Between the States never seemed right to me but I accepted it as it was bandied all over the net and on TV. This morning I checked this out and found it to be completely untrue. A Democrat represented what is now the 23rd District from January 1989 to January 1993 and prior to that there were numerous Democrats from the District in Congress. This District has been realigned many times and that may play into the differing scenarios but according to Wikipedia what I provide here is the way it is. I apologize for not checking this out before using it on this site.

  12. The Lorax says:

    “However, the Republicans in the area didn’t like the hypocrisy, so they put forward a different candidate.”

    No, the national party flew Hoffmeister in. Nothing grassroots about that campaign.

  13. The Lorax says: