Harvesting home

In a couple of hours I head home. In my suitcase (Carry on only! I’m too cheap to pay otherwise.) will be a boatload of rosemary. I know, it’s not everyone’s favorite herb, but rosemary lands high on my list of must have smells. I’m hoping TSA doesn’t think the garbage bag filled with stems and leaves is contraband. I’ll be sad if it doesn’t make it home.

This was a good four days. Of course I enjoy seeing my parents, and there was a round of social activity, but nothing beats the weather. The spring and fall are when I miss Oklahoma the most. Who can argue with clear 75 degree days and cool nights?

I do have stuff to write this week. I’ll get home and get settled and start tomorrow. There are election results to take in tonight, too. Until then, I understand I’m heading home to a chance of snow.



  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Have a good and safe trip. Don’t forget the chap stick.

  2. It’s in the bag!

  3. I got to hug my first TSA agent today! A lifetime friend of the family was working the security station I checked in at.