It’s a good night for Republicans

New Jersey and Virginia have elected Republican governors in spite of the White House’s push to campaign in those states. (Oh yes, he did. He’ll be distancing himself very quickly, but he made a constant effort to keep those states on the Democrat’s tally sheet.) The 23rd district race in New York doesn’t look too promising, but it may be early.

Before the usual grumblers make off otherwise, I’ll give you a district that’s likely to disappear in exchange for two governors.

I doubt I’ll stay up for the final returns, so we’ll look at it all again tomorrow. But I’m thinking those Independents that put Obama in office a year ago are ticked and voting otherwise now.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Man, I hope Doug Hoffman bites the dust tonight.

  2. And what would be the importance of that, your highness?

  3. My momma always told me that big girls don’t cry, but I want to see Sarah Palin break the rule tonight, haha.

    Not sure where you get the highness nom de plume from, but as a socialist i prefer chancellor, or counselor.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Welcome back to the command center. Be it ever so humble…..

  5. Thank you for holding things together while I was away!