New toys

I found a neat WordPress plugin that will create communities. Anyone interested?


  1. Do you mean like a forum?

  2. Yep. Look at

  3. Alexander says:

    …. a commune for bloggers? If I can text in, sure! (I can be the ugly runt in charge of latrines or something)

  4. I didn’t think about that. A blogger forum could be fun.

  5. Sounds pretty cool, Cindy!

  6. Santa's Elf says:

    Well Ms. Cindy, now that you’ve slipped back into your shoes and returned to paradise, let me be the first to wish y’all howdy!

    Will I be able to post jokes in the forum? His Honor Dick got a bit hissy at the one I posted on his blog. At least it got him to post another blog entry containing a lecture on decency in which he decried the proxy use of ‘foul language’ and ‘jokes and puns that violate the moral standards of decency’. Seems as though he’s getting a bit slow and touchy in his old age.

    Me and the missus thought the joke was funny, and you have to get a real overdose of PC uppity to think it was vulgar.

    After 30+ years in Brookfield, I’m not sure I’m going to fit in with these buggers, Cindy. What’s an aging elf to do?

  7. Hey, I’ve only been here 15 years, and I’m more convinced than ever I’ll never be one of them.

  8. Santa's Elf says:

    Forums usually allow a writer to start a new topic (write a new blog entry) which can then be commented on by all. Is this what we are discussing here?

    If so, I’d be more than interested as there are a bunch of topics on which I’d like to initiate discussion without going through the bother of becoming a ‘blogger of record’.

    What’s more, I find that most of what I have to say fits more into the ‘test the waters’, allow resulting comment to inform your position, then post a hopefully better version of what you started with.

    Is this the idea?

  9. I’m not sure. I just stumbled on it this evening. Will know more soon.

  10. Well nevermind. I tried to install it and the plugin broke the blog, so pooey. No go. Sorry for all the fuss.