The 1990 pages of Pelosi’s bill includes $56 million for policing vending machines.

Here’s your very own copy of H.R. 3962, by the way. Try to read that while staying awake!

Evidently there are people reading it even when our lawmakers won’t. Today’s word is from Cybercast News Service.

The bill, which is posted online, would require that vending machine operators either create new machines that allow the customer to view nutrition facts or post nutritional information for each product near “each article of food or the selection button.”

NAMA [National Automatic Merchandising Association] estimated that the first year start-up cost to comply with the basic disclosure would be $56.4 million.

I love the Ol’ Broad’s take on this thing:

Y’see, you are too stupid to know that the large chocolaty goodness in that over sized Snickers bar isn’t healthy, so you must be told by the government and charged for the privilege.

She get’s the H/T on the government’s plan to save us from our vending machines.

I always wonder in language like this, who is the winner? NAMA members are losing, but who lobbied for this one?