Well it was a long time coming, but Alderman Scott Berg did it.

He got access to the health care plan for elected officials off the books starting in 2012.

Goofball doesn’t understand that the one guy he was out to get won’t be using it then.

Oh, well. Berg can keep his Champion of the People hat. It goes with his embroidered City of Brookfield Alderman sweatshirt. He really likes his sweatshirt.

You bet I’m curious about the backstory to this vote. But honestly? It’s not worth my effort.

Berg rarely is.

(Oh, do me the favor of noticing how the BroofieldNOW article left Berg out of it entirely. 😉 All of the glory went to potential mayoral candidate Bob Reddin. Who knows. Maybe Berg and Reddin cut a deal to play footsie down the road.)


  1. Wilson828 says:

    Well how “New Berlin Stupid” is this.

    (New Berlin Stupid = meaningless and thoughtless legislation)

    Someone pays for 100% of the cost and Berg has a problem with it?

    How stupid.

    How small of Berg to bother with such stupid stuff.

    Seriously – isn’t there anyone willing to run against this guy at election time and move him along in life?

  2. Oh he swears it was costing taxpayers thousands. I’m sure he’ll spin it to make sure he looks like the walking Brookfield God looking back in his mirror. I don’t miss local politics when all they ever do is stupid stuff. I sure wish we had leadership around here.

  3. This was actually in my opinion a good and cost saving vote. Who was he out to get?

  4. Wilson828 says:

    Saved costs Dan how?

  5. So I need to ask – is this Dan H. or another Dan? You’ve signed in under a couple of names.

  6. Wilson828 says:

    Here’s another question. I’m just asking. Does being stupid hurt? I mean, is there pain associated with it? Or does the stupid person just feel .. well.. nothing?

    Know how when you have a tooth ache .. there is pain? It hurts?

    Maybe if being stupid hurt – people wouldn’t do so many stupid things.

  7. First Wilson828, I will assume you aren’t talking to me. 😉

    Next, please be nice. I have a feeling Dan/ConcernedResident/DM? won’t be around too long.

  8. Wilson828 says:


    (I wasn’t talking about you – I was talking about Berg … but ‘k.. I will be nice)

  9. I thought you were having a go at the new Dan. I have an odd feeling about him showing up.