First Movies – Now Our Snack Food

The other day I wrote about how I was warned that a 1920-30’s era movie contained smoking. Now the government wants to warn us about our snack food. Some details of Nancy Pelosi’s new health care bill are starting to surface. One small detail is that her plan includes 111 new boards, commissions, and programs.

So far my favorite is Section 2572 which would require every vending machine in America to post the nutritional content of each and every snack carrired in the machine. This will allow us to peruse how many calories are in a twinkie, for instance. Do you think this may present a challenge, given that most machines contain dozens of varying items.

This is a small example of the idioticy involved when the government runs anything. Why do they think we call it junk food ? Yet another reason to reject the government getting involved in our health care and more importantly, our lives.. Let us eat our Mars Bars and M&M’s in peace.