J.B. Van Hollen routs illegals

No other elected conservative is performing as well as Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. This time he spent months putting together a plan to deport illegal aliens with criminal records. You may have seen the information buried in a tiny news brief last week printed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The DOJ press release offers a little more:

Wisconsin Department of Justice Special Agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents took thirty-four criminal illegal aliens into custody in an operation conducted over two weeks beginning on October 13th and concluding on Friday, October 24, 2009. The partnership’s efforts included the communities of Milwaukee, Whitewater, Fort Atkinson, Beaver Dam, Jefferson, Kenosha, Neosho, Racine, Waukesha, Delavan, and Lake Geneva.

Of those arrested, their criminal histories included such crimes as: second degree sexual assault of a child, possession of cocaine, battery, burglary, hit and run, aggravated battery, manufacture and delivery of cocaine, exposing genitals to a child, first degree sexual assault and OWI/Cause Injury while OWI.

Here’s Van Hollen on Charlie Sykes discussing the work.

It’s not the first time Van Hollen has worked with ICE to clean up Wisconsin streets. Van Hollen made a campaign promise to work to deport criminal aliens (MJS, September 9, 2006, Illegal migrants as issue debated) and he’s kept that promise. He promised to clear the DNA backlog, and he’s kept that one, too.

Dear elected, he’s your benchmark. What a state Wisconsin would be if you were all to perform as well as he.

It still bugs me that America can’t figure out how to manage the illegal alien problem. I mean, what other country would arrest and process, and even incarcerate you, but not throw your rump out?


  1. Well you will receive the standard answer that business needs aliens (legal or illegal) to pick tomatoes. You don’t want the price of tomatoes to go up do you? All they want to do is pick tomatoes and have no, and will never have, other aspirations and come with no taxpayer expense. Then you will receive the other lib response to marginalize you right away by calling you “racist”. Darker skin pigments are inherently purer in thoughts, words, intentions, and actions than the evil white man. Anytime you discuss a topic where skin pigments of the participants may vary entitles you to be called a “racist”. The result is no problem resolution.

  2. Santa's Elf says:

    The central problem involving illegals in country is that the pols cannot deal with throwing the illegals out at the expense of losing the support of the legal hispos! And this problem can only become worse as time goes on.

    White folks gotta crawl out of their PC caves and insist on what needs doing before they become the minority in America. Cause it’ll never happen then!


    Some info. In my Court my bailiff, a hispanic and a gem, would inform me that certain defendants are illegals. He was also an interpreter and a retired Milw. County deputy sheriff. Since neither of us had arrest powers it was another case fairly treated like the rest. I often wondered what our local police could do with their investigative and arrest abilities. My guess that no higher authority looked to the local law enforcement for support. It is a real problem when your lawn service ,your waiters and others take jobs like that. Our country was built on immigration and they fought our wars and became public servants. The people are not the problem, take a trip to the poverty areas and you would leave too. The problem is the government to our South who does little or nothing to but to get rid of their so-called undesirables. Historically Europeans were undersirables even when they got here. It’s sort of like J. Edgar Hoover taking credit for killing Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde. All my ancestors became citizens of the USA, learned the English language, as well as they could and worked like hell to support their families. Somewhere along the line our federal laws were not being enforced and I don’t have the answer.

  4. The Lorax says:

    If they were not forced to live under the table, all immigrants would be brought into the fold and our economy would grow.

  5. Right. Because they could take all those excess jobs!

  6. I agree that aliens who commit more serious crimes should be deported. However, having handled cases where families faced terrible consequences particularly in the realm of domestic violence misdemeanors, I think we need to scrutinize these cases carefully. I also believe we should limit state spending in this area and let the feds shoulder the brunt of the expense.

  7. Eric, I agree there may be deeper stories that need to be honored. The key word is still illegal.

    I disagree about funding though. It’s all my money. Passing the buck simply means delay.


    What was our thinking when we took in every single immigrent in the North to fight for us ? Of course to win towinthe3 as one unified nation which our great
    Pres Lincoln, and my hero, was for.


    sorry for the comment; we have computer issues. my sincere regrets.Lincoln is one of my most respected persons. He personified the American people.

  10. DICK STEINBERG says:


  11. Yes, Dick. Sometimes the machine wins.

    I’ve actually been thinking about Lincoln a lot tonight. In some ways, I wonder if today’s issues are dividing us much like the issues of the civil war did. Obama, no matter what he’d like to think, is not proving in any way to be a great leader like Lincoln.

  12. I remember a popular deflector to criticism of the Bush admin was that history would vindicate him.

    Perhaps the same, then, is true of Obama. Lincoln wasn’t very popular in his time and fought hard to get elected.

    Your point does have merit, though. I mean, the Republican party has become largely a Southern party. But as more party members are Scozzafava’d by the far right, the contrasts will grow even more great.

  13. So I’m talking about America and you narrow it to a congressional district in New York.

    Narrow – thinking, minded, commitment. Narrow is the problem. And you, Lorax, just contributed.

  14. The Lorax says:

    I didn’t narrow down anything. Try again.

    NY-23 is an example of a trend.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    God, I hope New York 23 is a trend. I hope it becomes reality.

  16. One special election creates a trend. What ever are they teaching these days?

  17. The Lorax says:

    One example in a trend. 2006 and 2008 elections also lend to the example.

    We have Frank Kratovil and Travid Childers in the house thanks to this trend. They are from MD and MS respectively.

    There are virtually no republican congressmen left in New England.

    Generic ballots. Party registration. The Club For Growth is one long narrative of right-wing primarying failure.

    GOP has lost the last 20 of 29 special elections. No trend, eh?

  18. Ah. Now I get it. Take the NE corner of the country and call it a leading edge. How do you ignore the gubernatorial elections that took place that day? (No doubt, you’ll find a way to justify it. Just know that really whatever you say will be dismissed as blatantly liberal drivel. But hey. Thanks for reading.)

  19. The Lorax says:

    Republicans have lost in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, the West Coast, Mid-Atlantic States, and the Southeast. Only one region of this nation hasn’t rejected your party.

    Deeds didn’t have a chance. Corzine was a bad governor and blew his campaign. That’s my excuse.

    Look what I just found! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/politics/gop/interactive.html

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    To compare President Obama to President Lincoln is beyond ludicrous. This illustrates the desperation of those of you on the left that you have little to say for the man save his speechmaking and campaigning. When confronted with a real situation Thursday at Fort Hood, and where the writers didn’t have time to compose some prose, the President came way short of being Presidential. I remember memorizing a few words President Lincoln jotted down and shared after the Battle at Gettysburg. Many call it the greatest speech ever given.

    Word went out Thursday that the President was going to make remarks on the Fort Hood terriorist murders prior to his planned comments regarding a Tribal Nations Conference hosted by the Department of Interior. When he came out to speak the President appeared disconnected and his remarks inappropriate and he rambled for several minutes before ever mentioning Fort Hood.


    When leadership and decision making are required our President falls woefully short of what is expected. I’m not surprised because he is simply doing what he has always done–voting present on the tough issues. If it does not involve politicking or campaigning the President is way out of his element.

  21. I didn’t compare them in that sense Randy, I compared them ONLY in the sense that Bush has also been compared to Lincoln: That history will vindicate him.

  22. Randy in Richmond says:

    Our cerebral President made the following statement on Thursday before recognizing the terrorist attack at Fort Hood:

    ” I hear that Dr. Joe Medicine Crow (sp) was around, and so I want to give a shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner. It’s good to see you.”

    Not only an inappropriately timed comment but one that isn’t true. Dr. Crow, along with Billie Jean King and Sidney Poitier, is a recipient of the Medal of Freedom, presented earlier this year by whom, none other than President Obama.



    I wonder if Letterman will feature this on his ” Great Moments in Presidential Speeches”. Oh that’s right, he stopped doing that after George Bush left office because his guy wouldn’t be offering any material.