Rotten Elmbrook lied about the referendum

I know. What do I expect.

Anyway, that bazillion dollars being sucked into gymnasiums was to give every student a chance to practice in gym space!

Unless, of course, you are a Spartanette. They’re still rolling around in the afternoon’s green beans from lunch, thank you very much. Today a student smashed her finger putting up one of the cafeteria tables.

Oh, make no mistake, by the time this is all over we will find Elmbrook lied about so much more. Besides, they’re just girls on a state-qualifying dance team. Who cares if they smell like green beans after practice?


  1. I wonder where Cheer gets to practice…

  2. The Lorax says:

    The Spartanettes I knew always smelled like something else…

  3. Here’s my take on it. Most of them are stuck up daddy’s girls who look down on the cheerleaders and anyone else not in their social class. Let ’em smell like green beans, they deserve it.

  4. Karin Wii B. Sharin says:

    State-qualifying or not, no team should have to roll around in green beans on the cafeteria floor. Hope that smashed finger wasn’t the youngest!

  5. Well, Joe. Good morning. I’ll make sure the team understands your opinion. Don’t expect life to get easy for you anytime soon after that one.

  6. No, it wasn’t. Thanks KwbS for asking.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tsk Tsk Cindy. Threatening to have the whole dance team make Joe’s life miserable for his comments (no matter how obnoxious his own comments are) is wrong. Think about it.

  8. Grip up, Anon. I didn’t threaten him; I warned him. HUGE difference.

    Several of the team read FC, so I likely won’t be involved at all. These young women, believe it or not, might find Joe’s statement offensive all by themselves.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ll make certain that as many people in Brookfield as possible know that you got involved in turning a group of 20+ kids against one kid. Don’t expect anyone to be reading your blog once they find out how you advocated making life hard for this kid.

    Nope, doesn’t sound like a threat to me …

  10. Yea! More readers! Thanks, Anon.

    (Every time someone swears I won’t have anyone reading, hits go through the roof. Weird hobby, this blogging.)

    BTW, I find it fascinating you assign Joe absolutely no responsibility for his comment. A typical Brookfield parenting breakdown? Who knows. I’ll argue Joe needs to think before Joe puts his fingers on a keyboard.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not true. I stated in my first email that Joe’s comments were obnoxious. In fact, I’m sure Joe’s life is difficult enough given how obnoxious the comments were.

    My kids are much younger (no high schoolers and not East district), so I don’t know anyone involved. I can, however, see that my kids may occassionally say/do something obnoxious. I was simply shocked that you would get involved in making sure that the whole team was made aware of his obnoxiousness (no matter how he may have deserved it).

    If you know that a lot of the Spartanettes will read the blog and make his life even more difficult, one might argue you should protect the kid by pulling his comment. Kids should occassionally be protected from their own mistakes. You could even add a note saying I pulled a comment that the reader may want to reconsider his post, but is invited to repost. If he does, its his funeral.

  12. Yes, you said his comments were obnoxious. But then you implied it was my fault if he experienced consequences from his obnoxious comments. I’ll concede my statement “I’ll make sure” was a poor fit. “I’m sure” would have been better given a few ‘ettes read here.

    You think my kids weren’t obnoxious? They grow out of it faster when forced to manage the logical and natural consequences of their behavior. Sure, I’d pull them off the train tracks if they weren’t paying attention, but something like this? Whatever will be, will be. Saving a 16 year old from any natural consequences here only means you end up with a 17 year old that still can’t function in the real world.

  13. I never suggested that if he experienced consequences from his obnoxious comments that it was your fault.

    I unequivocally state that if the ette’s make life miserable for the kid and feel validated since an adult posted to a blog that it was at an appropriate response to his comment, it is your fault.

    Girls on any team are generally hard working, accomplished, have a large and good group of friends, etc. They should have better things to do than to make life difficult for a kid. The appropriate response is to ignore the obnoxious behavior, not validate it and perpetuate the problem.

  14. Anonymous, obviously this matters very much to you and reality is unlikely to stand in the way of your opinion. Since you showed up this morning for the first time from an unfamiliar IP – (Boyle Fredrickson S.c) – and have made around 50 hits to the blog, mostly this topic, in less than four hours, I’d bet you’re very close to the subject, so to speak.

    I am not advocating for the bludgeoning of Joe Springer. I am saying the chips will fall where they may from his obnoxious comment. Frankly, I suspect your response is likely the only thing to come of it.

  15. Joe wasn’t totally wrong. But then you might say that about most people in Brookfield.

    And if the youngest and her posse wants to circle the wagons and give me a high kick to the family jewels for that, so be it.

  16. What an odd response, Lorax.

  17. Well an opinion is an opinion. This is a different anon than the person that has been replying. I would agree with Joe because there are people who are spartanettes in some of my classes at east and they are just mean people sometimes. For example, they think that they are the top gun of the school just because they are the spartanettes, well I would happen to think not. Just because you are a spartanette that doesn’t mean that you rule the school.

  18. Then call them on it, new Anon, if it bugs you that much. If another student is being mean, say “I think you are being mean.” There’s nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe. But it’s not likely to do much for you as anonymous.

  19. Standing up for something is something that I believe in a lot. You know if you were in my shoes, ann you actually went through a typical day with these people if you tell them “I think you are being mean” right to their faces then they reply and will scream and swear at your face. Now tell me is swearing at another individual a good thing or a bad thing. I get sworn at everyday buy people especially the spartanettes in a b**** like manner.

  20. Really? I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you should get a teacher or counselor involved if it’s that bad.

  21. Well Maybe the coach should tell them to act their age. And that they are not the top gun.

  22. This sure sparked up a debate in a jiffy.

    I haven’t really had much interaction with the Spartanettes.

    Speaking of coach, I wonder what Mrs. Toth thinks of all this.

  23. Santa's Elf says:

    I’m a bit behind in general, and even more so in not having seen the precipitous news article.

    But I take it that the Spartanettes are some kind of non-school sanctioned dance group (pon pon girls in bikinis, glitter and bling) who have been denied the use of our brand spankin new, muslim proof, nuclear hardened, four station gym and all-purpose survival area, and are therefore forced to practice in the cafeteria.

    What’s more, during practice one of them slipped on a green bean left on the floor and broke her crown?

    Is this the gist of it?

    Hey my wife fell and broke her tush in the same cafeteria while working there a hundred years ago. The school system is fully aware that the cafeteria floors are dangerous, and have been all along.

    I’d sue the cr.p out of the school system, Dr. Matt, the principal, the coach, the janitor as well as other adult whose DNA can be found on or near campus, and I wouldn’t settle for less than $100M.

    In fact I’d also sue the city of Brookfield for another $100M for financing the operation of substandard schools!

    They sure as h.ll can afford it!

    note: naughty words herein have purposely obscurated in accordance with the community standards of decency and non naughtiness recently imposed by Justice Steinberg on his blog. I am appealing his ruling!

  24. Bad argument. Spartanettes are sanctioned and funded by the district. If they have access to the cafeteria, why wouldn’t they have access to the gym?

  25. BrkfldDad says:

    What would be keeping them from the gym? Volleyball is over, basketball hasn’t started (except for captain’s practices). Is it because a WIAA-sanctioned sport has it when they want it?

  26. Santa's Elf says:

    Then for sure I would sue the entire metropolitan area for well in excess of $250M for not providing a safe venue in which my lovely daughter Wippett Ann could practice her fully sanctioned and funded high school activity.

    If you catch Habbash on an off day he may take your case even though the lovely Whippet Ann was not herself injured, by arguing that ‘just the possibility of injury due to the tortuous inaction of the community constitutes damage from which you may never fully recover’.

    Appear in court with a walker and a big white gauze wrap round your head, and groan a lot throughout the ordeal. Make sure you are spotted by each member of the jury texting your pharmacist continually, pop Vicodin frequently, and from time to time ask the judge for a brief recess so you can receive a Propofol Drip.

    See you in Hawaii!

  27. I’m pretty sure the team is under WIAA standards, Bdad. Yours is a very good question.

  28. Oh, Elf. You’re still incorrigible.

  29. WIAA standards perhaps, but they are not a WIAA sport (at least according to the WIAA site – I am just shooting in the dark here, but perhaps that has something to do with it.

  30. Wow. I guess that’s news to me Bdad. The girls have to sign the WIAA agreement, so I always assumed they were. The plot thickens.

  31. Looked it up – they are WIAA registered.

  32. Can you show how you looked it up?

  33. I looked at some other groups online similar to the Spartanettes, and they all require WIAA forms and require WIAA policy compliance.

  34. Santa's Elf says:

    Ms. Cindy, the only form on the entire wiaa web site which would appear to be even remotely applicable to the situation under discussion would be the “Catastrophic Injury and Fatality Reporting Forms”.

    Following continued creative googling, I finally struck pay dirt with the web site:

    which is for cheer leading and pom pon coaches.

    The girlies appear to be sanctioned by wiaa through the membership of their coach in this organization (?).

    Any how, it would appear that your best bet would be to purchase festive helmets and padding for the little darlings before you allow them to join the squad and end up practicing in a swill tank in the school basement.

    You certainly cannot expect that, just because the schools got their four station gyms, they plan on allowing every ancillary group to have access to them!

  35. Pad the Spartanettes before practice. Elf, you are a clever boy!

  36. Spartanettes used to practice in the hallway when I went there. Cafeteria sounds like an upgrade to me. There is always the vast expanse that they call the out of doors. It been 50 and sunny since you posted this – throw on some sweats and go enjoy the fresh air!

  37. From Article I (Sports Program) of the WIAA By-Laws – A. The Recognized Sports of this Association shall be: Baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, hockey, soccer, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field, volleyball, and wrestling for boys, and basketball, cross country, golf, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field, and volleyball for girls.

    The only reference close to a dance team in the WIAA handbook, is the naming of a contact for Cheer/Spirit Groups at the WIAA office. But in the document itself it only addresses those groups in the Spectator/Crowd Conduct Policies.

  38. WIAA should not matter when it comes to how we utilize space within the district. Has anyone just asked if the Spartanettes can use the gym–at least some of the time? Seems to me that would be the logical first step.

  39. Santa's Elf says:

    Watch out for those ‘logical first steps’, girl!

    The last time I took a ‘logical first step’ I fell right out of the plane and dropped several thousand feet before my main chute opened. And that resulted in what I can only describe as an almost automatic number 2 in my fatigues while still high above ferndock airforce base.

    No more ‘logical first steps’ for this elf, I’ll tell ya.

    If you want your budding offspring Latoya and her Spartanettes to get action on their problem, I’d suggest on going the more circuitous route of arranging for them to appear for practice several nights a week in their Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring outfits on the bar down at Hooters.

    That will definitely get them scheduled in one of Elmbrook’s shiny new four station gyms asap!

  40. Now there’s a fundraising idea. Spartanettes opening Hooters. Surely the corporation would make a donation. And the district couldn’t possibly complain. I mean it’s such a find upstanding institution and everything.