I saw my first Dave Marcello for Mayor sign today

Yep. They are already sprouting.

The signs are blue with white lettering. (Look familiar, anyone?)

I’ll try to get a photo up soon.

Be sure to read about David (Dave) Marcello’s criminal record.


  1. Yea…Truman v. Dewey, 1948 (-:

  2. Santa's Elf says:

    Blue with white lettering?

    But what did it say? Was it scary?

    Remember, Marcello is currently part of that school machine which has opted to deny your lovely Fluffy Marie and her Spartanettes a gym in which to practice!

    Don’t let him sell you on more ‘change you can believe in’!

  3. Nah, Marcello wouldn’t have anything to do with Fluffy and a gym. Interestingly, no one seems to care from the administrative side. Oh well.

  4. Here is his website


    Maybe it is not up because he still has to address several grammatical and spelling errors.

    Here is an amazing full body picture of Dave as well:


    Click on the third picture (the one with the suit)

  5. What a good bit of information there. Thanks for the tip.

    Ohhh! I love this! Look at testimonials page!!!!!

  6. BrkfldRes says:

    According to the in progress website, the Elmbrook School board will be honoring David Marcello on December 8th. Is that a misprint?

  7. Nope. He served so well, you know.

  8. BrkfldRes says:

    Now he’s got campaign videos up. These are just too much:


  9. I always thought former alderwoman Kari Clappier took credit for planting the medians. She’d made it an issue way back when she was on the 2010 committee before she was elected – or so she said.

    Yes, I’m a curmudgeon, but I look at those medians and see tax dollars by the tens of thousands to maintain them. I jokingly refer to the one near City Hall as Kate Bloomberg memorial park. (My neighbor’s idea, not mine.)

    In our own neighborhood Marcello planted a number of trees on SOMEONE ELSE’S LAND, then demanded that city hall have a “No Dog Littering” sign installed. One of the first things I did after being appointed was have that stupid sign removed. Our household has always referred to that marsh as “dog do pond” in honor of Dave.

    I’ve know Dave for over 15 years. He won’t have my vote. But then, he ran ads last election proclaiming Jeff Speaker the better choice, so I guess I didn’t have his either. I wonder why Mr. Speaker isn’t his pick this time around?

    BTW, it’s pretty much the last time I’m going to let my blog be the conduit for Dave’s campaign material. We’ll see it all soon enough.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    I know nothing of your local politics but this ad makes the guy sound like a modern Johnny Appleseed.