Or how NOT to start a mayoral campaign.

As I mentioned, there’s a sign up. The sign uses as a Web address. Obviously, it’s a little early to be announcing a Web site, especially since it still points to a page.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Heard at a neighborhood gathering this weekend that his platform may include future elimination of the mayoral position.

  2. Oh blast. Then I’d have to agree with him. I think all the candidates should agree to that one and make it a non-issue!

    Of course he’ll write himself out of a job just as soon as he pads his pockets by pushing Village area development. I’ll wait until Brookfield2010 is up and running, but the voters deserve to know everything he owns that’s waiting for TIF development.

  3. Saw a piece of lit today. He’s advocating taking mayor to part time.

  4. Right – after he’s elected. He still has to serve the 4 year term before it can be done. That $400,000 plus enormous benefits in his pocket before anything happens. Now, if he said make it a part time mayor and during his four year term he’ll give back $80,000 salary each year and not use any of the benefits assigned to the job, that might be news. Really, though, it’s a gimmick for now. How many politicians do you know actually kept their campaign promises?

    (BTW, I’d be ok with a part-time mayor after Marquardt retires and Ertl is ousted. Keep in mind, though, without a mayor the electorate will have NO ONE to blame. Staff will always win, and that may not be a good thing, but then again, that’s pretty much what’s happening already.)