Steely Dan – The Royal Scam


Given today’s news from Elmbrook, with a little help from the upcoming tour – this is the song in my head:

So, what do you guys think about the new practice of Old Rockers playing a full album in concert? Bruce Springsteen will play Born to Run Sunday night at the Bradley Center. (Bruce can stuff it. He hasn’t recorded anything worthwhile since The River and his politics seem to always make it to the stage. Tough pooey if a rocker billionaire doesn’t like his current health care situation.) Steely Dan – what was really always considered a studio band – heads to the Riverside stage the two days before, first performing Aja then The Royal Scam on evening number two.

So how much lip syncing do you think will be involved?

I have a hard time with the old-rocker touring routine. But then, I’ve kept up with music over the years. Perhaps I’m not the best person to judge the perpetual touring machines.

The Riverside is a great venue, though. If I were so inclined…