The Elmbrook student scholarship practice moves into a new phase

I’m told that BrookfieldNOW has picked it up and will have something in Thursday’s paper.

Not like this blog drives the news or anything…


  1. One day you are going to be really upset after science discovers the center of the universe… and you are not it. Your arrogance about the importance of your little blog is quite funny

  2. hey whatever you read it so i guess there is some importance

  3. Oops. It looks like the story is going to be pushed back a week.

    I’ve got the East StuCo reconciliation report from 2008-2009 to post later today.

  4. Santa's Elf says:

    The big money will never allow the truth to be revealed. They’re already busy doing damage control.

    By the time they’re done, Dr. Matt will be naming Fanny Prattle the student of the year and the entire incident will be buried under the four station gym.

    You’ll know it’s true when you discover that the Spartanettes are now pushing pom poms in the boys shower!