Damage at Central?

Flying around the kids phones tonight is that part of the roof collapsed at Central. I’m told there’s a report on channel 4.

There’s speculation that school at Central might be cancelled tomorrow. If you get a call, would you mind confirming?


  1. It doesn’t look like it, but there was a chemical spill. This situation looks serious

  2. Hmm. They were also talking about the chemical thing, but no mention of the roof. Maybe the kids have it wrong.

  3. I pulled up the earlier story, and here’s a quote from it:
    “Initial scanner reports indicated that there was some sort of structural problem, but a school secretary said that was not the case.”

  4. Ah. That would explain it. Thanks Anthony!

  5. Santa's Elf says:

    Could that possibly be in the ‘renovated’ portion of the structure?

    I can’t wait till the next board meeting!

  6. Some bozo kid (whose name is out there) was arrested. Looks to me–with no confirming evidence–that he made and detonated a ‘soda-bottle bomb’ like those used on mailboxes.

    Lots of kids with VERY irritated throats/lungs, but it passes after a day or so.

  7. Santa's Elf says:

    What are the odds that the kid’s name is probably mohamad something?

    Watch out for those guys running round town wearing a turbin on their head. Especially if the wife is in a burhka and is wearing dupont bling on her vest.

  8. I’ve decided not to speculate. Word will be out soon enough.

  9. 4 handed the story over to Brookfield Now http://www.brookfieldnow.com/news/69759457.html

  10. Santa's Elf says:

    Those guys with the turbans usually hang around at the mosque off of Calhoun Rd. south of Capitol – the one flying the orange flag.

    I’ve heard that the flag signifies that there’s a jihad in progress.

  11. Ok, Elf. That’s not cute. The Sikhs on Calhoun have never been a problem.

    Although you have the occasional lucid comment, your ignorance is showing here. I know you happen to be a very bright guy, so it surprises me a bit. What’s up with that?

  12. Ok Elf you got me laughing.

  13. Wow Elf, intolerance and ignorance big time. That’s not a mosque, it’s a gurdwara. And Sikh’s don’t believe in jihad, that’s a Q’uran term.

  14. I think it was satire.

  15. Some things aren’t funny even if they were supposed to be so.

  16. Ditto