Nora’s made it to the Sweet 16!

Wow. That’s wonderful. It’s great to see the community supporting this amazing Brookfield East student.

Search Nora to see the history, and keep VOTING!


  1. If Nora makes it through, she’ll be up against Kathy Montalto or Bill Ledford.

    Which one of those is she most likely to beat so I an vote for them too? I’m guessing she could beat Bill easier.

  2. I played that game today, too. It made sense to me to vote for that candidate I though she could beat in the next round. Couldn’t tell you who that was without looking, though.

  3. Well it was either a an older guy or a young girl.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s a no brainer for me. Vote for Bill. I don’t think his vocals are as strong and for sure he’s not wearing a short skirt.
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  5. Ya made me laugh, Randy.

  6. She will be on 12 News tonight directly following the CMA Awards.