A new computer update

Remember, this Toshiba laptop was the weekend choice.

Things I like include the full-sized keyboard and the lighter weight. The thing I adore about this new machine is the battery life. I unplug it in the morning, use it all day, and plug it back in at night. I’m hard on a computer, so that’s big news.

The current stumbling block is Windows 7’s compatibility with some of my other software. Adobe ain’t happy, and that means Cindy ain’t happy. I still haven’t found a workaround to get my latest version of Creative Suite to load.

Oh, and I figured out the touch pad problem was a user habit problem. I’m inclined to keep my left hand on the keyboard in typing position when using my right on the touch pad. That’s a no-no on this machine. Evidently the keys recognize the potential to be used and delay the touch pad response. It’s been a simple fix: I move my left hand away.

Just thought you might want to know.


  1. You wonderful kid! I saw this mentioned but couldn’t find it. It should work.