The 14th Victim at Fort Hood

President Obama’s Justice Department could charge and prosecute Nidal Malik Hasan under ‘The Unborn Victims of Violence Act’ of 2004. Soldier Francheska Valez’s unborn baby is the forgotten 14th murder victim of terrorist Hasan’s planned jihad shooting spree.

I fully expect that Hasan will not be charged under this law.


  1. BrkfldVoter says:

    Randy, thank you for mentioning this 14th victim. I have been thinking of this tiny person.

    Although reports vary as to how far along Cheska’s pregnancy was, it appears that the stage of fetal development indicates unique fingerprints would exist and the tiny fingers may move as if to grasp, feet may kick, ears may begin to hear, and the heart has been pumping for a while.

    I have wondered if the father, reported to be from Georgia and stationed in Iraq, would come forward? It is sad that so much of one’s potential depends upon the circumstances of one’s birth… on the circumstances of one’s conception.

  2. I think you’re right, Randy. Though many jurisdictions could prosecute, we’re probably looking at the only one who will.

    Still, it should be enough to put away a criminal we’ve just spent thousands on to keep alive.

    Only in America.