East’s Student Council reconcilation statement for 2008-2009

Here’s the six page report.

On July 1, 2008 there was a $7,625.44 balance. Homecoming, yes, it’s the group’s only fundraiser, brought in over $20,000 that fall. By the end of September the balance was almost $25,000. Indeed, checks were written to four students totaling $5,000 in May of 2009. The balance at the end of June was $10,036.28.

In Fall of 2009, students were charged $25 for homecoming tickets. According to the advisor, 665 students attended. Some students purchased tickets as couples for a $5 discount according to a comment left on an earlier post. Still, the revenue was somewhere in the range of $16,000.

I haven’t asked for a current report or those from Central. As I mentioned before, if the board can’t find it in their work schedule to look into the practice of fundraising to supply predetermined student scholarships, I’ll get to it after the first of the year.

Word is trickling in this might not be the only group to participate in such behavior.