Wisconsin: Fiscally Endangered

That’s the word from the Pew Center on the States report Beyond California: States in Peril. The report shows Illinois is in the same boat. Michigan is in even more trouble.

In their report on Wisconsin, the Pew Center explains:

Wisconsin’s state government has struggled for years to keep its promises to pay a higher share of school costs while holding property taxes low. Often, lawmakers shifted money around, taking money from the state’s transportation fund, for example, to pay for day-to-day operations—and then borrowed to cover the transportation budget.289 Legislators also failed to put money in reserve before the recession hit.

Guess what you gurus in Madison. Someone else is on to you.

Mordecai Lee is quoted in that piece on Wisconsin.

I first saw the report on Freep regarding Michigan. It looks like the MJS had written a bit this morning, too.


  1. Yet the SDOE administration continues to push for things like 4K, full-day 5K, and Chapter 220 because of the additional funding promised by the State. What happens when the money simply isn’t there and we are left with programs we can’t afford?

  2. That’s exactly why you need to be our new school board member!

  3. 🙂

  4. Curious if you thought a Republican candidate could run for governor promising to simply hold the line (not cut) on taxes while cutting spending to try and get us out of this mess.

    Or is a pledge to cut taxes an absolute necessity for any Republican candidate that hopes to have a real shot.

  5. No, I don’t think a pledge to cut taxes is necessary. Fiscal responsibility demands cuts in spending. Spending is always the problem.