Dear Tom, We’re waiting.

If you haven’t heard by now, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is supposed to decide by the end of this week whether or not he’ll run for Wisconsin governor.

Let’s look at this news in polispeak. He may well decide, but not announce his decision. (Technically he decided!) The end of this week could be Sunday before the workday on Monday, or it could even by next Monday or Tuesday – a week from the time he announced the decision to decide later this week.

You get where I’m going with this, right?

I consider it pretty unlikely we’ll be hearing anything tomorrow. I can’t remember who said it, but one of the comments from an earlier post suggested this free angst-ridden publicity is a good thing for Barrett if he steps in to run.

But will he? I don’t know. I can see a scenario where Barrett picks up the responsibility of MPS as gifted by Doyle and also is able to pick up considerable clout and potentially extra income for the extra responsibility and not have to change a thing. He’s made it clear he’s not fond of messing with his family’s comfort on this one. (I can respect that having stepped in on a potential relocation “opportunity” or two myself.)

The job of governor of the state of Wisconsin, no matter how great, is going to be a seriously sucky one as spending will need to be cut or taxes raised in order to survive.

Dear Tom, we’re waiting. Why don’t you just get it over with and let’s move onto the next phase of the campaigning.


  1. I might vote for him … seriously. He seems like a nice guy who might get some things done. He’s a democrat though … is that okay?

    On other important matters .. soap is changing…. the liberals got to the soap…. buy soap….

  2. Ah, another reason to stock up for survival.

  3. We are a fickle society. We kvetch because campaigns drag on too long and schvitz because Barrett won’t say and only Young Jared has stood up to the plate.

    It’ll be okay. There’s time. Scooter knows he’s in a hole statewide and it makes perfect sense for him to be running as fast as his little tweeter can carry him

    We should all relax, maybe get some wings and a beer. You know anyplace good?

  4. I hear there’s someplace opening up soon.

    True about the fickle nature of the business. Do keep in mind that “Scooter” could well be your next governor. Like it or not.

  5. And, at this point, all I can say is that it’d serve him right. Scott Walker’s clumsy fingers in the messy pie that is the Wisconsin budget right now would set WisGOP even further in the hole.

  6. Or he’ll do a great job, stand up to the unions, and guide us out of the dump Doyle left.

    I’ve not made it any secret that I’m holding off on my decision to back Walker. I will say, if in the event he is elected, I will work hard to make his term a success, even if that means keeping his wheels on the track every once in a while. I do think he has the potential to pull off a turn around, but it’s going to be work.

  7. 620WTMJ this morning said he’s been out shopping for a campaign manager.

  8. Ooooh. A rumor! I’ll wait for the announcement.

  9. @CK, I just can’t help but feel he’ll fly the thing into the ground given half a chance. And if he can’t work with the Board, he’ll have Hell to pay with the Senate.

    @BD, Does he get those at the same municipal store that the locals think we can get a business and two industries to change our tax base? If he’s just thinking about a manager now he’s not ready to run. (That doesn’t mean he won’t, of course.)

  10. 4 just aired a Breaking News story that he is, in fact, running for governor.