Obama to Afghanistan: Should I Stay or Should I Go

Here’s the classic from The Clash. Don’t let it be lost on you that the song is from the album Combat Rock.

An opinion in the Wall Street Journal by Daniel Henninger says it’s costing lives to continue the indecision.

I’d have to agree. And now Obama is voting “present” again by asking the war council to create new options.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    What a great article. I like what Mr. Henninger says at the very end. President Obama should call off the investigation of the CIA investigators. That one move sent ripples throughout the entire intelligence community including those in the military who make decisions about people like, say, Nidal Hasan.

    And Cindy, since the President and his advisors have and are taking all this time to formulate an Afghanistan plan, we should expect nothing less then a well-oiled and efficient strategy that will quickly obtain the President’s objectives. There’s really no other reason to revise and change the plan the General on the ground submitted some four months ago.