Hey New York: Happy Friday the 13th

To the survivors, families and friends of the victims, as well as the citizens of New York City, the Police, Fire, and Rescue workers, and all Americans, the President of the United States says in your face–what you feel or think doesn’t matter one iota as I am bringing the mastermind of the September 11th attacks to stand trial within walking distance of Ground Zero. Khalid Sheik Mohammed is coming to the Big Apple. History tells us this trial should be knocked out in about 4-6 years. Your having to endure this circus that will occur really does not seem to bother the President as this is a planned manuever.

Fridays have been designated by the Obama Administration as the official day to release news that will not go over well with the American people and supposedly we won’t notice as much. Maybe someone should enlighten them to the advent of the internet and 24 hour cable news TV. We also have a President that feels it important enough to personally discuss a small police matter in Cambridge but to leave to others the announcement of the controversial trial of the person responsible for the deaths of 3,000 Americans. And if you don’t think this is not another shot across the bow of the Bush administration you are in political denial.

As an American I loathe this decision to try a foreign terrorist in the same city with the same rights as those he caused to die. As a voter who believes in the American way to change those in power I am ecstatic about this idiotic decision.