Jerome Edward Listecki – Milwaukee’s new Archbishop

I’ve never heard of Fr. Listecki. Can anyone fill me in?

(Ok, technically it’s SE Wisconsin’s new Archbishop.)


  1. I’ll miss Dolan. I thought he was good. I met him a few times and he was a fresh breath for Catholics in the Milwaukee area.

    By contrast to Rembert Weakland, who retired during a time of revelation that he used church money to pay off someone he had sexually assaulted. You’ll remember this priest also issued (and I’m not exactly sure on this because it’s from memory) an apology for the Nazi holocaust on behalf of Catholics? Wasn’t that it? I recall being offended that anyone would apologize on my behalf for something I didn’t do. But here was a guy who was supposedly the role model and leader of Catholics in Milwaukee who is running around misusing funds to pay off not only his own hush money, but hush money for the many other priests as well. Not one red dime more of money goes to the Milwaukee area churches from my household. Sell some buildings. Plus all the mental anguish for those who were abused. These were priests in whom we place trust. I’m not at all trusting anymore of them – and I don’t forgive them. God can do that – I’m not. I’m just a little PO’ed about it yet.

    Anyway, Dolan’s replacement has big shoes to fill. Good luck.

  2. Agreed about Dolan. I liked him, too.

  3. Let’s put it this way, if you’re a conservative, and you liked Archbishop Dolan, you’ll love soon-to-be-Archbishop Listecki.

    He’s been the Bishop of La Crosse for several years now.

    Listecki is probably somewhat less charismatic than Dolan (almost anyone would be) but the substance of what he will do will be very solid.

  4. Thanks, Al. A girlfriend and I chatted about it this morning and she said almost exactly the same thing, so I’ll take your word as confirmation.