It’s going to be a loooong year

Scott Walker wasted no time in becoming a certified jerk after Tom Barrett made his candidacy known this weekend.

More on this later in the week, but I’m looking closer at Mark Neumann again.

Good grief do I want a candidate I can respect.


  1. Yeah, I thought that press release sounded a little arrogant too. I just perused the Neumann site and two things struck me. First, he seems like a good person, involved in the community, not a sleezeball, and second, his site looks similar to another recent candidate… I just can’t put my finger on it.

  2. All the sites look the same. I did see a “made in Wisconsin” tag at the bottom of Neumann’s.

  3. Yeah because they are all Obama copies these days 😉

  4. If that’s where you were going, I missed it completely. I’ve seen templates out there that all look the same.

  5. Didn’t see what Walker did after the Barrett annoucement, will have to look that up. I wonder sometimes about the advice he gets.

    One thing I find ironic in all this, Mark Neumann was the ‘special guest’ and introduced Walker at a Brookfield fundraiser the last time Walker ran for governor. Funny the strange bedfellows politics creates.

  6. I too missed what Walker did.. do tell.

    Walker the ever self promoting and perpetual candidate for something or another. Here’s a guy who has an irresponsible approach to managing govt with regard to fiscal mgmt and balance of services. He thinks his popularity grows through bad fiscal mgmt polices. What a boob.

  7. Wilson828 – I will intentionally leave you dangling for a couple of days while I sort out 1) Monday’s to do list and 2) Tuesday’s inevitable jury call.

    I won’t go as far as to call Walker a boob, but I’m certainly not impressed with his strategy to this point.

  8. Cindy, I think you are right to look at Neumann. You would be more right to support him. Having recently been to a Walker appearance and knowing people intimately involved with the County I can not get past the impression that Walker is a wholly political animal. In the recent appearance Walker didn’t have any concrete solutions as Neumann does. Walker frankly seems like a rhetorician and we have too many of those already. While I like the lower taxes mantra of Walker, he has accomplished his “track record” in Milwaukee with smoke and mirrors that have not addressed any longterm structural issues. Neumann has a demonstrable record in Congress of success. He is also very cognizant of business as he is a successful businessman. If the Republicans put Walker up against Barrett, they will lose. Neumann is the better candidate because he appeals to the middle and slightly right as he’s less political and offers pragmatic solutions.

  9. Wow. That’s kind of what I’m coming to in my own analysis. Thanks for summarizing!

  10. Yes, mentioning Barret’s actual record was obviously out of bounds.

  11. While I like the lower taxes mantra of Walker, he has accomplished his “track record” in Milwaukee with smoke and mirrors that have not addressed any longterm structural issues. Neumann has a demonstrable record in Congress of success.

    A record of success is easier when you have a majority-party support. Compare to the County Board Walker faces, eh?

    I think Neumann is a good guy. Would be a great Lt. Gov.–where he could learn a bit about how Madistan actually works.

  12. No one is mentioning Barrett’s actual record. So far, it’s all spin.

  13. Dad29, I’m sure Neumann would hold his own in Madison. He’s much more than Lt. Governor material.

    Interesting angle about the majority support. I plan to cover that later. To me it’s about effectiveness, not rhetoric.

  14. “Neumann is the better candidate because he appeals to the middle and slightly right as he’s less political and offers pragmatic solutions.”

    I would agree with you. Thanks for the informative summary Dover.

  15. So Barret did not vote for the biggest tax increase in state history at the time when he was in the Wisconsin Senate.

    Ditto that when he was a Congresscritter on a national level?

    That’s the release I got from Team Walker.

    I can send you a copy of it if you would like.

    Every word looked honest.

    And the running for Jim Doyle’s third term line, true, and obviously fine by Barret as it is right out of the left-wing playbook.

  16. No, I think I got that one, too.

    “Every word looked honest.” May be. But if you haven’t checked it out for yourself, why are you vouching for the statement? I think it’s reasonable to take both sides and see what they’re spinning with those facts.

    It is impossible for Tom Barrett to be running for Jim Doyle’s third term. Only Jim Doyle could do that. That means the statement can’t possibly be “true.”

    BTW, why do you continue to misspell Barrett’s name? I get names wrong all the time, but I do try.

  17. I’ll stick with Walker. Any Republican who can manage to get elected in Milwaukee County and then repeatedly butt heads with that ridiculous County Board is the best choice for governor. He has the experience needed to fight those Democrats in Madison.

  18. Like I said, it’s going to be a loooooong year.

  19. Well, Neumann’s looking for help, Cindy:

  20. Take it from the resident liberal (well, new-to-the-blog liberal)…I’d rather have Walker as the Republican candidate than Neumann. Why? Walker will have a harder time beating Barrett. Neumann, on the other hand, is what I like to call a reasonable conservative (don’t take that as an attack on conservatism: there are unreasonable liberals, too).

    Neumann is mainstream — Walker is borderline extreme. Though that could also be his strength as well…he could appeal to the base enough to get them off the couch on election day.

    In short, Neumann is the candidate I think could win the election on the Republican side. Walker, I feel, would lose head-to-head to Barrett.

    Though he does have an awesome last name 🙂

  21. Shows how much I know. The “heavyweight’s” name didn’t ring a bell, Dad29.

    Blech. The more you guys push, the less Walker feels like a candidate I’d want to get behind. Doubt I’d be voting Barrett, either, as his track record is looking really liberal.

    Maybe I’ll just stay home for that election. Things are going to suck in Wisconsin for a long time. Either Walker’s elected and everything is still miserable but we get to hear him whine every single day or Barrett’s elected and everything is still miserable and he’ll edge the state even further to the left.

    It looks like my only happy place is Oklahoma or Texas again in a very few years. Kind of thinking that will need to be the plan.

    Wisconsin doesn’t have the leadership talent. That’s all there is to it.

  22. Maybe you should hightail it down to TX and vote for Kay Bailey Hutchison in the primary… seems like she may be sinking!

    Not much a fan of Hutchison, but I think you’ll agree it is always nice to see women candidates for higher office. Though, in Texas, not even KBH would top the indomitable Anne Richards.

    To be honest, my preliminary favor for Barbra Lawton was that I knew nothing about both candidates and she was a woman with some relevant experience.

    However, I will be voting for Tom Barrett and i’m still trying to figure out, looking forward to the next mayoral election, if I live in the half of my building that is in Milwaukee or the half that is in Glendale. Humph.

  23. I will vote for either Walker or Neumann over Barrett, but I do NOT like Neumann’s pro ethanol stance even if it is just of the It’s good for the corn growers of Wisconsin ilk.

  24. Kyle is right. Neumann is a pro-ethanol candidate. He probably likes the windmills too. Makes a lot of sense to use a food product in the gas tank. Of course, I’ll vote for either Walker or Neumann over Barrett. “Maybe I’ll just stay home for that election” is how we got Obama. Please don’t do that Ms. Kilkenny.

    The resident liberal here is promoting Neumann because he knows Walker is the one who will beat Barrett, hands down.

  25. I’ve been thinking about this – I don’t have to make a decision yet, so I won’t.

    Still want a candidate that knocks my socks off. I guess it’s too much to hope for here.

  26. Cindy, I suspect the candidates that might have knocked your socks off joined the exodus out of Wisconsin. We’re losing the wealthy, the big and small industry, the libs who kept voting for higher taxes and then snow-birded it out of here as soon as they retired, because of the tax hell here. There isn’t a lot of incentive to stay here and fight the fight. Thank Goodness Scott Walker is willing to fight.

  27. I think this whole discussion is funny. Neumann doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the primary let along the general.

    1. Let’s see, nobody knows him.

    2. He’s lackluster.

    3. He has absolutely no GOP support.

    4. His idea of campaigning through Wisconsin is via skype.

    5. Nobody is taking him seriously, including the liberal media.

    6. His campaign staff is falling apart.

    7. Neumann is demolished in virtually every poll.

    8. His biggest sponsor just bailed because he realized Neumann doesn’t have a chance of winning.

    9. He’s has a losing record and has been out of politics too long.

    But hey, he’s a nice guy and he isn’t Scott Walker, so go ahead and waste your vote on him.

  28. “Blech. The more you guys push, the less Walker feels like a candidate I’d want to get behind. Doubt I’d be voting Barrett, either, as his track record is looking really liberal.”

    What tipped you off? Was it his partial birth abortion stance? Or was it his vote against the Patriot Act? Or was it his vote for substantial spending increases? Or perhaps his vote against the Iraq War (which by the way the vast majority of Democrats supported including Hillary and Gore)?

    The mere fact that you’re considering it makes me question if you’re really “fairly conservative.”

  29. Questioning does not equal capitulating, and though we’ll disagree, and Cindy can defend herself, what does deserve a defense is questioning in and of itself.

    It’s okay to question–no, it’s imperative.

  30. I’ll admit Scott Walker has some passionate followers. I still haven’t seen anything that rocks my world, though. In fact, I’m starting to recognize a bunch of grandstanding (on again off again jobs and furloughs; a budget that could hit the skids as early as January) that makes me think there’s got to be a better option.

  31. Wow. I think your mind was made up a long time ago.

  32. No, Aaron, that’s not the case. The election is still a few months away, and I can be wooed. It’s likely Walker’s campaign has given up on me, though, as I’ve noticed I’ve been removed from their campaign updates.

    I guess they only want people who are in love with the candidate. The rest of us get to dangle. It seems to me he has your vote. It’s mine that should be of concern.

  33. Cindy,

    I think that both Neumann and Walker are solid conservatives with a lot to offer. I met Neumann and had a good conversation with him. He told me that if he and Walker had voted on the same bills, their voting record would probably be identical.

    That being said, it’s obligatory for conservatives to go with the horse most likely to win, which just happens to be Walker. It’s quite obvious by the polls, endorsements, fundraising, management changes, and Klauser abandoning Neumann who is the best choice.

    I’m sorry you have a thing about Walker. Perhaps Barrett best represents your ideology?

  34. It’s not a given that Walker has the better chance. Walker could well be peaking early in this race. It’s happened before. Heck, Walker’s walked away before! So far there are two Republicans running in a primary. That means I can vote for either one. (And it’s interesting that only the Walker diehards are flapping about Klauser withdrawing as Neumann’s treasurer. No doubt it was one of those classy Walker campaign blitzes instructing you to do so.) I’m still crossing my fingers for a great right-of-center candidate.

    It’s too bad you already have such a closed mind about this race.

  35. Oh I get it now. You’re pretending to be open-minded. Gottcha.

  36. Btw, I mentioned Klauser because the man had such a deep seated resentment toward Walker. Less than two months ago, my cousin met with him for lunch, and let’s just say that Klauser was pretty passionate about Walker NOT being the next governor. He said things I won’t bother to repeat.

    What changed his mind? I think it’s pretty interesting how a man can do a 180. I think that Barrett entering the race was the last straw for Klauser in terms of realizing Neumann’s chances.

    Sure it’s early. Could things change in the primaries? Absolutely. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Walker is a better matchup against Barrett than Neumann – and for so many different reasons.

  37. Aaron, you’re obviously in the tank for Walker. That’s your choice. I’m not there yet; that’s mine.

    I do wish I understood your asshole-in-training behavior, though. I guess I didn’t expect that.

  38. Nice.