Standing Tall










  1. Alright, so these guys aren’t bowing and Obama did. Maybe it is a bit ridiculous for him to do so then. I still stand by my statements, however, that it shouldn’t be as big of a deal as people are making it out to be: Obama has the right to greet foreign dignitaries in this manner if he wants to. So long as he’s not throwing away our autonomy, I have no problem with it…and last I heard, we didn’t cede away Hawaii to the Japanese.

    That said…did you notice how happy the Emperor looks in the picture with Obama compared to him meeting everyone above? Maybe my customer service analogy holds some weight?

    Eh, probably not. But I still think it’s an issue that’s being greatly exaggerated.

  2. …also, thought this would be interesting. Doesn’t add to the debate much in my mind, but helps make my point a little…

    Former Pres. Dwight Eisenhower bowing to French Pres. Charles de Gaulle. That’s right…a Republican president BOWING to a Frenchman!

    Crazy, no?

  3. That’s the most recent example you can find? Oy vey.

  4. lol wasn’t the point I was trying to make…more that a president that many Americans respected, many saw as a great man…bowed to a French leader. But you’re point is taken, too. 🙂