Just the facts…or whatever they pretend those are

So, President Obama has a new White House counsel (attorney) named Bob Bauer. This is BO’s new go-to guy to stay out of hot water. The formal announcement was managed as part of a Friday news dump.

Bob Bauer is married to Anita Dunn. You remember Anita, don’t you? She’s the exiting White House Communications Director that just couldn’t get over her dislike of Fox News.

I’m bringing it up because of the way the news outlets chose to report it. If you take a few minutes to read through the stories returned from Google News on the subject, you’ll find about half mention the association and half don’t. Don’t you think it newsworthy that these two are stuck in a revolving door at the White House?

Just goes back to the idea that you should only believe about half of what you read from the print media. They pick and choose the facts and pretend they’ve given you every detail.

(You’re welcome to believe about half of what you read here, too. But I don’t pretend to be giving you anything but my opinion!)


  1. They are keeping quiet about the relationship of Anita Dunn and Bob Bauer because Anita pointed out her favorite philosophers to a youth group. This White House spokesperson said “my favorite political philosophers: Chairman Mao and Mother Teresa, two people I turn to most.” (That’s the Chairman Mao who was responsible for 70 million deaths.) The White House has to throw Anita under the bus for a while until we forget that quote. She doesn’t like Fox News because they ran the tape of her saying that. So I guess Bob will take her place for now.