Has anyone noticed that NO ONE is talking about the health care bill?

It’s the second week now since Harry Reid said he’d have something on the Senate floor.

Even Nancy Pelosi is quiet!

So, what the heck is going on? And why are you letting yourself be so distracted with talk of Sarah Palin and Lou Dobbs?


  1. What’s going on is that Reid said he’d not introduce the bill until the CBO had finished scoring it. They’ve had it for two weeks, and the Senate is still waiting.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    I would suggest that it is because we have nothing to talk about. Neither the Senators nor any of us in the public have any idea what’s in the Senate Bill as it has not been released, most likely because Sen. Reid knows the majority of Americans will be opposed to it.

  3. Righto folkbum. Then why did he promise something he knew he couldn’t deliver? He has no control over the CBO timeline. However, now that Mr. Reid requested confidentiality, the scoring won’t even be made public!

    If I were you I’d be soooo embarrassed for your side of the aisle these days. Evidently your version of transparency uses a lead blanket.

  4. Well, the scoring is out today and it seems pretty public (at least, I didn’t even have to look for it to see it). Reduces the 10-year deficit by $127 billion, in fact.

  5. Or not. I hear there are “glitches.” We’ll see.

  6. Goodie! Morning reading material. At first glance it looks like the CBO number is 130 billion, not 127 billion. I’ll have to look a little deeper.

  7. Ahah. Here’s the $127 billion number. It was a document out of the Dem caucus speculating the CBO number. Everyone took the liberty of calling it the CBO number.