Stuff for today, Tuesday, November 17th

It’s budget day across Wisconsin. Tonight the Common Council will vote your increase, Brookfield. I have a small post to write, as promised, about Brookfield’s budget bonanza. (Ok, ok. I have a little problem with procrastinating sometimes.) Don’t expect a revelation.

Here’s the packet for tonight’s meeting. (Those packets are a beautiful thing I tell you. If you want to bore yourself to tears you can read the Plan Commission minutes that are included.)

Nora Collins will find out around noon if she’s through to the next round of voting. I’m nervous. I can only imagine how she feels!

My new computer and I have already had a major disagreement. I’m blaming Microsoft and Adobe for a failure to communicate. While all seems to be improved, the little issue did cut into my beauty sleep. I may be reaching for an extra cup of coffee this morning.

Today’s special project is to get an e-mail written to solicit St. Dominic volunteers for operation Care Package. They’ve sent college students goodies during finals week for a while now. Recently they’ve added military members, too.

If you run a business and would like to donate a goody or two, let me know. The students really appreciate it.