Please remember Mr. Feingold

Voting for cloture is voting for the crazy health care bill shell fiasco concocted by Harry Reid. You can bet someone will remember your decision next November. You’ve bucked the leadership before! Come on you can do it again.

You know we’ll be watching, and I hear you may have competition. I’d bet he’s waiting for your vote, too. Particularly interesting is news Tommy Thompson polls better than you. Do you really want to give him a reason to enter the race?


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I sent each of my Senators a fax that stated:
    If you vote for the present healthcare bill in any form, I will not vote for you.

    Now this changes nothing as I won’t be voting for them anyway. But it makes me feel better.

  2. Why would he buck leadership on something he supports?

    Feingold will vote for cloture and the bill. Why? It’s overwhelmingly popular in Wisconsin. Thompson knows which way Feingold is going to vote; everyone does. That’s not what he’s waiting for.

    Maybe he’s waiting to see if Neumann drops out soon.

  3. How does voting for the health bill jive with Sen. Feingold’s own “Control Spending Now?” program introduced only weeks ago with great fanfare? Feingold can’t possibly support his “Controlling Spending” b.s. AND the health care bill … and voters should let him know it.

  4. Jo, thanks for that insight. Really good point!

  5. Um the bill reduces the defeceit…

  6. Yes it does, Lorax…by $129 billion in the first ten years, $650 billion in the ten years after that, as estimated by the CBO.

  7. Except the CBO hasn’t posted that detail yet.