Scott Walker’s vetoes held

Just saw it on Twitter. I’m sure there will be more tomorrow.

Good job, Mr. Walker.

Just because I’m not on the bandwagon yet doesn’t mean leadership should be ignored.


  1. Whoa. The MJS story seems different from Walker’s tweet:


    Thanks! Vetoes sustained save $6.749 million. Much different than Mayor Barrett’s 4.1% tax increase.

    I guess that means some of the vetoes, those worth $6.749 million, held.

    Politics can wear you out sometimes. Still, congrats, Scott, on the pullbacks you kept.

  2. Actually, that is Scott’s spin on it. In reality, some of the overrides saved millions.

    The long and short of it is that it is irrelevant, since it is not a balanced budget. Scores of people will lose jobs, taxes will go up due to overpriced private contractors, services will be depleted, and that is before the new year starts.

    The budget official becomes a fiscal crisis on January 1, 2010. Not a good leader and not a responsible fiscal conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

    And yes, this will even affect you in the exburbs. Enjoy what you got coming.

  3. The county doesn’t have to pay all those benefits to “overpriced private contractors.” I’ll take Walker’s spin over MJS’s any time. The repeated bias of MJS is always evident. If “Governor Walker” is what we have coming in the exburbs, I will enjoy the change.

  4. LOL! MJS’ spin is Walker’s spin. Don’t worry, Walker won’t win.