Taxing Medicare

Oh gosh, this is going to be fun to watch.

Sure the fine print says “on families making more than $250,000 a year” but do you think that detail will make it into the ads? Me either. Also staying in Harry Reid’s version of the health care bill is a tax on “Cadillac” plans guaranteed to upset some of the Democrat’s union supporters.

Yes, indeed, the Senator says the CBO says there’s money in it for you. (As of this post, there’s nothing on the CBO Web site.) A $127 billion dollar reduction off what will be about a $9 trillion dollar deficit. Of course I did the math – 0.014111%. A little less than one and a half percent.

I know, you liberals are so proud.


  1. Scott Berg says:

    I believe the proportion is 0.014111 which makes the percentage 1.4111%. Your statement is self-conflicting in several ways.

  2. Thank you for your attention to my work City of Brookfield 5th district Alderman Scott Berg.

    I wrote:

    0.014111%. A little less than one and a half percent.

    You wrote:

    0.014111 which makes the percentage 1.4111%

    My “self-conflicting” statement (aka mistake) is a misplaced % sign after 0.014111. The text, “a little less than one and a half percent” remains correct as 1.4111% < 1.5%.

    (To everyone else – I'm sorry about the wrongly placed % sign. I'm going to correct it with a strike through and hope it doesn't send a certain alderman to the psych ward for admitting my error.)

  3. That’s it, this mistake is the last straw. How could you?

  4. I know. Trust me, I’m suffering.


  5. Curious George says:

    This blog is hilarious Cindy!!
    keep up the good work.