Paul Bucher files for divorce from Jessica McBride (Round two)

November 18th in Waukesha County.

Here we go again. He did so at the end of September only to withdraw the petition.


I’ve known McBride and Flynn were still at it for a few weeks now, but I figured, how much dirty laundry do you guys want?


  1. How did you know they were together again? Are you the “friend” in the Bice story?

  2. Oh heavens no, I’m not the friend. Ms. McBride and I managed something of a truce a couple of years ago, but we would never be construed as “friendly.” I only remember meeting her once.

    I didn’t know they were together again. All I know is what’s in the court records, and I only know to look at those when the blog traffic says it’s time. The other day I had 50 or so hits looking for the divorce before anyone knew it was out there. I looked at the WCCA records, and there it was. (I know, not exactly super sleuth reporting, eh? Still, it broke the story.)

    As far as McBride and Flynn still going at it – that wasn’t exactly a secret. By the time that kind of gossip gets to me it’s been written on a wall somewhere else for weeks.