The Big Deception

I’ll admit it. I didn’t catch it. It’s a plan Bernie Madoff would be proud of. Until I heard Sen. Judd Gregg (R), New Hampshire, point it out yesterday on Fox it never crossed my mind.

What is it ? It’s the scheme the Democrats concocted to make the cost of their proposed healthcare plan appear smaller, much smaller, than it actually is. Even though I had read about their plan I did not catch their deception even as the Congressional Budget Office didn’t either.

It works like this. We, the American people, will begin paying immediately for the plan but not until four years later will the plan take effect and actually require funding. And remember that all the cost discussion around the plan has been couched in the initial 10 years of the plan. Thus the cost has been projected on receiving funding for a full 10 years yet providing benefits for only 6 years. How brilliant of the Democrats–and how deceiving. This skews any cost computed on a 10 year basis and makes it obviously appear lower. For instance, in my previous Post where I computed the cost per person to cover those actually desiring healthcare, I came up with $14,150. But the real cost will be $23,583 per person per year because for the first 4 years the plan is not even in effect and providing no benefits.

Suppose you go out tomorrow and purchase a new home. Normally you would procure a loan, move in, and payments would start the following month. But under the Democrats plan you start making payments next month, only you have to wait 4 years to move into your house. How many of us would agree to a plan like this to purchase a house, or anything for that matter ?

Like most people, I had always assumed the delayed enaction was to push the implementation past the 2012 elections. And yes, that’s part of it, too.