Sarah and Me

No, I can’t say I’ll be standing in line to see her. I don’t even think I’ll buy the book. Still, I thought I’d give a brief idea of why Sarah Palin might be so popular. You see, she’s a lot like me. Perhaps that’s one way of calling attention to the fact that she’s a lot like many of those people standing in line.

A lot of us are tired of the idea of our elected being so far removed from our own lives. We are also very tired of the promises made that are never kept. I saw a poll recently where most people expect politicians to lie to get elected. Don’t you think that’s a little sad?

Bill O’Reilly summed it up for me the other night. Though I’d never quite put my finger on it before, his analysis was my ahah! Sarah Palin fills the roll of a dynamic gun toting anti-abortion politician because, she is in fact, a gun toting anti-abortion politician who can prove it by standing in front of you. In a world where Scott Walker has his new blaze orange on for his Facebook photo, I’m thinking that’s cool. And Palin’s dad has reportedly declared his daughter isn’t done with politics, she’s reloading. (Sigh) What a wonderful way for a father to support his daughter.

Indeed, Palin is scaring the bejeebers out of the loudest liberals because she is a rare politician who walks what she talks. And she’s doing it as woman! She’s a woman daring to redefine success as woman to all those who thought burning bras was more of a statement than rearing a family.

Am I on the bandwagon for Palin 2012? Probably not. But what I see right now has nothing to do with a presidential run in 2012. I see a smart woman pocketing millions of dollars from a book. She’s paying off the debt the family incurred from a bunch of ridiculous lawsuits. I’m thinking she might be up for a Senate race in 2010 if the incumbent has other plans. After a few years, maybe 2016 is appropriate for a presidential run.

And yes, by then I’d say she’s ready. She’d have more experience than the guy that’s there now.

To be honest, the thing with Sarah Palin is even more personal for me. When she was first picked by John McCain as a running mate, I liked her instantly. I told a girlfriend, “You just know she has underwear in the drawer she needs to toss, too.” In other words, she was more like me than she was different. That was thrilling to find in a VP candidate. My mother disagreed. When I explained I thought Sarah and I had a lot in common when defending her to Mom early on, Mom was quick to say, “but you’re a lot smarter than Sarah Palin.” Oh really? Palin managed to get herself elected as the governor of a state for goodness sakes. I can’t get elected dog catcher around here anymore.

That’s probably my final argument with the left. I’m supposed to admire and support Barack Hussein Obama because he managed to be elected POTUS, but I’m supposed to trash Sarah Palin because she was “just the governor of Alaska.” It really doesn’t work both ways, guys. Disagree with her political ideas all you want, but she was governor and most of the critics out there were not. Yes, she resigned, but to me her reasoning was sound. She wanted Alaska to get on with it, and oh, the idea of a multi-million dollar salary increase didn’t suck either. You’d change jobs for 15 times the salary, wouldn’t you?

There’s one other thing I understand about Sarah: her need to right the record. She’s spending a lot of time on the road now to make sure her side of the story is heard. I spent a few years doing the same after I was slammed under an incumbent mayor’s bus a few years ago.

Now I run one of the more successful political blogs in the state. There are a few who still want to perpetuate the old lies, but I’m constantly amazed by the number of people involved in spreading the mayor’s lies who read and even comment here. I’d say most of them have come to understand Jeff Speaker wanted something so badly he’d do anything to get it, and I’m not so crazy after all. In fact, I’m more likely the conservative they had in mind when they allied so closely to what turned out to be a tax and stash mayor.

Honestly, that’s what I see in Sarah Palin’s future, too. The more time she spends with the public, the more the public will understand just how consistent her message will be. It’s really easy when you are true to yourself first.

In summary I’ll say it’s much too early to count either one of us out yet.


  1. So what your saying, basically, is that Palin is someone who many Americans would most likely want to have a beer with?

    So after all of this talk about a new Republican Party, they are running the same playbook right?

    Our elected leaders are seldom men/women OF the people.

  2. JS- I think she is saying that she finds she has a lot in common with SP.

    There are really only two playbooks. The vision of the founding fathers of a limited government and their warnings about getting away from that vision and the statist vision of ever increasing government gobbling up personal liberty, property, and incomes. I prefer candidates who are for the former but they are hard to find in either party.

    Our elected leaders are seldom men/women OF the people. True. Most of us are not lawyers and most of us are not millionaires or getting there through “public service”.
    It would be nice to have some commoners in the mix for common sense and decency.

    As Cindy stated polls indicate that a lot of people expect their pols to lie. This is sad and we are at fault and don’t have much self-respect for letting it continue. We are fools to believe that the same pols that we have accepted as liars are going to deliver anything they promise and in the manner they promise.

  3. Hate to break it to you but the Republican playbook is not a vision of limited government.

    We are fools to believe that this time is different and the next pol down the line will lie less than the previous guy in charge. We fall into this trap everytime. We look for the Washington outsider, the maverick, the cowboy or whatever best fits our narrative of America. It’s all B.S. If we spent half as much time worrying about results as we do about identifying with our leadership, we’d be in much better shape as a country.

  4. JS- I didn’t write anything about a Republican playbook.