More Brookfield budget shenanigans

I’ve not done the research, but my gut says this budget adjustment is to increase 2009 spending to max out the state allowed total.

From next Tuesday’s agenda:

Resolution approving Cable Television Fund budget amendment requested by the Director of Administration: increase cable television expenditures account 25321560-579513 by $30,000, for purposes of funding Council Chambers modifications necessary to enhance broadcasts of City meetings.

(Sorry – agenda and packets aren’t up yet. I’ll try to get back to this when they show.)

This item is slid into the consent agenda, meaning the Mayor expects it to pass without debate.

Director of All Things (this time labeled Administration) Dean Marquardt really really wants to remodel the council chambers. He’s tried to put it in three or four times now. What he really wants to do is justify his existence for the next year.

If there’s discussion it will center around the claim “the money is already there” in the cable television fund just begging to be spent. But in reality, the money doesn’t need to be spent – unless you are trying to finagle the 2009 spending level so you can max it out.

I had a great chat with someone the other day proposing the council stop televising as we know it now and move towards streaming the video online instead. I think it’s a great idea since a lot of Brookfield voters use satellite technology and can’t see the current productions anyway. But would that mean a different arrangement than the one Dean Marquardt is so hot to get approved at the last possible minute under the 2009 budget? Probably.

And so you see, this $30,000 has little to do with televising and a ton to do with spending. It will be interesting to watch the council give into the practice of spending to the maximum allowed under the 2009 state spending cap.

You know they will.

PS – also on that agenda is the approval of the new 2035 development plan. You know – the one with a train station for mayoral candidate David Marcello and an I-94 ramp at Calhoun for Vince Kuttemperoor. (Marcello owns a ton of land in the village area and Kuttemperoor is still growing corn on the most valuable parcel of vacant land in Wisconsin at Bluemound and Calhoun. Just to top it off, Marcello sits on the task force that granted the station plan! And you thought Brookfield was so much better than those other communities when it came to corruption.)

There’s a public hearing where you can speak and get laughed at by a few of the more arrogant council members if you’d like. It never does any good, but it might make you feel better.



    Happy Thanksgiving. What is the meaning of “enhance broadcasts of city meetings”. AT&T does not seem to have City of Brookfield on public channels. It appears to be for the purpose of giving the mayor free campaign time. What is the total annual cost of these television shows ?

  2. The broadcasts are only on Time Warner cable.

  3. Dick – “It appears to be for the purpose of giving the mayor free campaign time” is a laughable statement.


    BD. Happy Holidays. It does appear funny that one year city hall wants to delete 25 grand from the DARE fund and this year delete 15 grand from the library fund, only to consider spending thirty grand for television enhancement. excuse the computer glitch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8gtelevihyearfiq

  5. You know, Dick, when you lay it out like that it’s a huge point. They’ll happily spend $30,000 when literally half the council just wanted to save $15,000.

    It should make for an interesting vote. Really, I hope it does. Do you think they’ll even care we’re watching?


    Yes, the mayor cares per my sources. The seniors care a lot. The change has to come at the top. There are qualified candidates but are they (both genders) willing to get into the campaign fray ? My personal/law phone is 262-784-7741 for all to call.

  7. Wasn’t the $30k to come from the cable fees we are assessed?

  8. Yes, it’s cable revenue, but I don’t remember it being officially earmarked. It used to go into general funds. They’ll tap dance pretty hard next Tuesday to argue it’s special, but it’s really not. (Kind of like the way the Greenway corridor is “paid for” with cell tower revenue.)

    Besides, wasteful spending is wasteful spending. Especially when the goal is to boost recorded 2009 spending in order to pave the way to spend more for 2010!

  9. Oddly, watching these meetings are one of the only thing I miss after switching from TWC.

    There are many low-cost solutions for streaming online, Brookfield would become a trend-setter with an online solution.