Thanksgiving post mortem

I’ve been injured.

No, really, when I reached into the still slightly frozen bird to pull out the neck I punctured my thumb on a sharp bone. It’s like a really bad paper cut. Which means I’m considering morphine.

Good thing I’m not much for the after Thanksgiving shopping bonanza. I mean with this thumb and all I probably wouldn’t last anyway. Today will be spent mastering the dirty dishes rounds 3 and 4. I still have all the hand washing to do.

The really interesting thing from yesterday was the rumor a very prominent Brookfield developer and mayoral supporter is about to file bankruptcy. That is something to watch.

Why don’t I shop vicariously? Tell me your bargains below!


  1. Try having a barbed fishing hook in your finger. You can’t pull it out. That happened to me after a fishing trip once. I was at home, and when I reached into my trunk to get my pole, the hook was still on there, and it got lodged in my finger.

    I went to St. Francis, and the doctor there numbed it and yanked on it with a pliers a few times before he was able to get it out. Then they disinfected my finger.