Shark jumpers for the week of November 22

Well, we have our party crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi. I’d say their public career is going the way of balloon boy’s family attempt for the starlight.

Next there’s the obvious – Tiger Woods. We’ll call him the fire hydrant and tree crasher to stick to our theme. No way that story won’t be making waves for a few weeks.

Last but not least, locally we can shout out to Jessica McBride, the marriage crasher. She’s at three (that we know of!) if she includes her own. Here’s her second commentary about how mistreated she’s been.

Wah, wah, wah. She had no problem with newspaper standards when she spread the lie I was bipolar. Oh yes, she had that one printed in the Waukesha Freeman. (H/T Owen Robinson at Boots and Sabers.)

There’s my three. Anyone have an addition?


  1. fellow citizen says:

    Independent of whatever hypocrisy may be evident in Ms. McBride’s column on the part of folks like yourself who’ve had bad personal experiences with her, her latest column contains no shortage of flawed reasoning, certainly. To be fair, it also contains a few hints of potentially valid points.

    In my view, however, the larger problem is that Ms. McBride is blind to her lack of credibility and, by turns, limited impact on her reading audience and, ultimately, disservice to herself. To borrow part of a phrase from her paramour the Chief, does she *genuinely believe* that she can be a respected voice on the subject about which she writes in this latest column? Cindy, your post is a great example of the problem she faces – a problem that’s no more reducible to gender bias than, say, Obama’s being elected POTUS is reducible to race bias. Whatever amount of credibility she may have had remaining, she lost in the wake of her poor, public handling of her affair with Ed Flynn, if not in the public disclosure of the affair at the outset. She really would be better off refraining from criticizing the manner in which others (media, bloggers, commenters, etc.) deal with/respond to her own irresponsible, misguided, etc. behavior. But she doesn’t see a problem with the connection, clearly. By the way, making reference to and being critical of “older men” as contributors to gender bias is nothing short of galling coming from someone who chose to have a sexual relationship with a 61-year-old, married police chief. Does this mean she’s willing to claim that Ed Flynn discriminates against women, too (whether or not he does is beside my point, although it would be certainly more grist for the mill for some if he did)?

    Ed Flynn, by the way, has his own credibility issues and, although he’s no doubt well aware of them and keeping a low profile as a result, it’s going to be extremely difficult for him to fully recover professionally. Even if one publicly handles a debacle like this reasonably well, as he seems to be doing, at least relatively so, it’s nonetheless quite a tough road to hoe going forward. As much as Ms. McBride may aspire to rise from the ashes professionally, if her recent writings are any indication, I believe her prospects are, sadly, dim at best.

  2. Jesse Venture. You’ll have to find how he fits the theme.

  3. Global warming scientists.

  4. Oh, I do like that choice Keng.