It’s Brad V’s fault

A year or so ago I thought I’d like to start a travel blog. I’d picked the name “the adventurous housewife” but soon realized that might have connotations I didn’t want to – ahem – have to defend.

But then I saw Brad’s snap at Letters in Bottles. Though I’d seen the sign before, it hit me. That would be a great name for the new site! So I just finished registering it.

I love you guys; you know I do. But somehow writing about Brookfield and politics might not hold my attention forever. A travel site has potential.


  1. That is a great name!

  2. I’d prefer to talk travel and food. I’ll live vicariously through you though since most of my travel is within the U.S. and doesn’t happen often enough.

  3. Eureka!

  4. Thanks again, kiddo.